"We all walk out to the driveway, and there he was, this huge, bearded sight of a man," says Marsh, who ultimately spent six hours with Rubin, but he'll tell you it felt like an entire week. "There was this mellow aspect to him; he almost stretched out the minutes."

Marsh compared these sessions to time spent with Daniel Lanois (producer of several platinum U2 albums), whom Dashboard Confessional used to record the 2006 hit Dusk and Summer. "You want every minute to last with people like this," the musician said of recording with Lanois and Rubin. "I can feel the coffin now; as a musician, I can die."

Another pivotal moment in Marsh's career came in 2005, when Dashboard Confessional played before a sold-out crowd in New York City's Madison Square Garden. Marsh says this was the "coup de grâce" of a lifetime behind the drum kits. "I remember going out onstage and, as the kabuki dropped, thinking I was John Bonham." As a child, Marsh used to obsess over a Led Zeppelin VHS tape filmed at the same location. "I had been dreaming of just being at that concert, being in the audience but never would have imagined selling it out and being behind the stage."

John Bonham would be proud.
Robin Dodd
John Bonham would be proud.


Paper releases its debut album, Sunbeam, on July 10 on Limited Fanfare Records. Visit limitedfanfare.com.

As for his debut solo project, Paper, Marsh admits to being particularly nervous because it is his own creation. "I think there is a little microscope on me right now — not by the world, of course, but by a specific pocket of people."

He is content with the treatment he has received from Limited Fanfare Records, the Miami-based record label that will be releasing Sunbeam on vinyl. "This is my baby, and it came out of my ass for real," he says. "I appreciate how open and honest Limited Fanfare's label head, Brian Kurtz, has been with me through this process."

Marsh is content with his decision to release his Sunbeam "baby" through Limited Fanfare because Kurtz is a genuine fan. "Brian sincerely loves this record," Marsh says, "and that is much more important than anything else for me right now."

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