For her mural, Nite is expected to wake up the building with a dynamic work composed of diagonal black and white striping and paintings of pastel-colored kaleidoscopic gems.

So far, area business owners seem psyched. Ben Schiff, who manages the property Nite will paint, says his building "offers the perfect site for a mural as it is a corner building that boasts a highly visible second floor."

New Age Cycles owner Reed Wallace thinks it will bring more traffic to his shop on the ground floor. "We love art, and downtown Hollywood is an arts district," Wallace says. "We're happy to help liven and brighten it up."

Artist Ruben Ubiera helps bring life to downtown Hollywood.
Peter Vahan
Artist Ruben Ubiera helps bring life to downtown Hollywood.

Location Info


Downtown Hollywood

between 19th and 21st avenues
Hollywood, FL 33020

Category: Parks and Outdoors

Region: Hollywood


Downtown Hollywood Mural Project, Hollywood Boulevard, Harrison Street, from 21st Avenue east to Young Circle in Hollywood. Visit

Weisberg is even more excited: "That corner is going to be a landmark!"

Weisberg says she's consciously looking for an equal distribution of male and female artists. "Women are underexposed in the art world at large but especially among the ranks of street artists," she says. (Weisberg's not alone in noticing; this year's annual street-art conference in Atlanta devoted its entire program to a lineup of 26 international female street artists.)

During the Downtown Hollywood ArtWalks, held from 7 to 10 p.m. the third Saturday of every month, artists will be working on their murals live. Nite is planning a party with a DJ for her painting event on Saturday, October 20. Since she holds down a full-time gig as an art director at an ad agency, she should be painting "sunup to sundown, all weekend long!" Come see the creative process in action.

Michelle Weinberg is an artist/writer working in Miami Beach. For more info, visit

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