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At age 20, Ninah is a veteran wife of seven years and a mother of three. She is stuck in an abusive relationship with no hope of change. Her family lives off her meager earnings from farm work while her husband, Memfi, drinks away his equally meager earnings as a shepherd.

When news of her gravely ill father reaches Ninah, she decides to go speak her peace to her father even as her husband commands her to stay and get the farm ready before the rains come. Ninah disobeys Memfi by packing and attempting to leave.

This action sets off an incredible series of events with a whirlwind of suspense, thrills, and adventure set across the Cameroon landscape. Mbufung Seikeh as Ninah in her screen debut is nothing short of astonishing in one of the strongest performances of the festival. Anurin Nwunembom as Memfi brings a calm, calculated menace to the film.

The Sapphires
The Sapphires
Una Noche
Una Noche


Muvico Pompano, Saturday, October 20, 5 p.m., Sunday, October 21, 7:30 p.m.

Lifelong friends Wilf and Reggie, together with former colleague Cissy, are residents of Beecham House, a home for retired opera singers. Every year on Giuseppe Verdi's birthday, the residents unite to give a concert to raise funds for their home. But when Jean Horton, a former grande dame of the opera fallen on hard times, also Reggie's ex-wife and the fourth and most celebrated member of their former quartet, moves into the home, the plans for this year's concert start to unravel.

As old grudges threaten to undermine past glories and theatrical temperaments play havoc with the rehearsal schedule, it becomes apparent that having four of the finest singers in English operatic history under one roof offers no guarantee that the show will go on.

Two-time Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman takes a seat behind the camera for a directorial debut that stars two-time Oscar winner Maggie Smith, five- time nominee Albert Finney, and two-time nominee Tom Courtenay.

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