Griffith further argues that even innocent mistakes merit sentencing to financial accountability class. "Even if someone says that their child overdrew their account, we believe putting them in a diversion program is the right move."

In 2010, yet another class-action suit was brought against Corrective Solutions on behalf of more than 600,000 victims in California and Pennsylvania. The company was accused of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

In November, it agreed to pay a $3 million settlement. But because the class was so big, each victim would receive less than $3. A federal court refused the settlement, ordering both parties back to negotiations.

Julie Orr bounced a $91 check at a grocery store, but was hounded for more than $300 by a private collections agency.
Rodrigo Pena
Julie Orr bounced a $91 check at a grocery store, but was hounded for more than $300 by a private collections agency.
Adam Levin, former consumer affairs commissioner of New Jersey and owner of
Adam Levin, former consumer affairs commissioner of New Jersey and owner of

As the case against Corrective Solutions languishes in court, advocates hope Congress will finally close the 2006 loophole.

They received a glimmer of hope in October, when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that it would be overseeing debt collectors starting this year. For the first time, the feds will require debt collectors who make more than $10 million a year to supply regular reports, making sure they aren't deceiving and threatening consumers.

But for now, the only oversight comes from those making money on the deals: the district attorneys themselves. And they show little interest in policing the industry. So victims such as Orr have little recourse but to hire lawyers, paying thousands to defend themselves for bouncing $50 checks at the grocery store.

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frankd4 topcommenter

.........."In Miami-Dade, merchants' complaints go directly to Corrective Solutions, which then decides which cases merit prosecution.

"Our office has set the intake criteria for checks to be accepted into the program," says Assistant State Attorney Marie Jo Toussaint. "This criteria ensures that only checks which have violated our Florida statutes are eligible for this pre-arrest diversion program."

The records say otherwise. Of the 1,863 cases opened by Corrective Solutions, only 106 were actually filed in criminal court.".............

is it any wonder that this program exists in Miami-Dade Florida to such an extent ?

frankd4 topcommenter

who pays by checks anymore anyhow, especially to a vendor that has no recourse ?


otherwise, OVERDRAFT protection can be available by the bank, since the banks are as happy to add fees and charges to their customers as are these collection agencys

Corrective Solutions and BounceBack are the modern day equivilent of predatory TOWING companies whereby the initial wrong becomes far and away overblown,  into a penalty that far surpassed the going rate as punishment, like also having your car ransacked and damaged and parts such as the battery replaced for an old one or the new unused spare tire stolen or your gasoline siphoned out,  while it was towed by towing company employees

yes there should be a penalty for being a dead-beat and yes the goods and or service providers should be reimbursed for their costs in pursuing and collecting BUT so should penalties be imposed on collection practices that are unlawful and predatory for profit or that commit crimes themselves in pursuit of collection

>>>>>>>>>the real story here is; in the financial industry if you pay enough to lobby for your loop-hole, you can succeed, no matter how unethical, immoral, or out-right greedy you get<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<