Soon, Greer says, he paid himself $125,000 in commission checks.

"Jim Greer made a deal with himself behind our backs, and we never had a clue," says Sid Dinerstein, former Palm Beach County Republican Chairman. "He's a slick guy who by himself never had success, then finds himself chairman of the party that takes in millions. And all of a sudden, it became his private business."

The arrest came on a Wednesday morning in June. While his children and wife cried, Greer, in a gray T-shirt and black pinstriped pants, was carted from his Oviedo mansion to meet the cameras.

Greer: "In January 2009, we were high on top of the mountain. Egos were going big."
Greer: "In January 2009, we were high on top of the mountain. Egos were going big."

Bitterness consumed the family. Greer couldn't reconcile his immediate and absolute fall. First he blamed Delmar Johnson for dishonesty. Then he faulted "extremists" like state Attorney General Bill McCollum and current Republican Chairman John Thrasher, Greer says, for "destroying the party." But mostly he was angry at Crist, who didn't protect him.

"Charlie absolutely sacrificed my husband at the altar of his ambition," says Greer's wife, Lisa, "and with absolutely no regard for the impact on my family and children and our future."

Today, finally, the Greers blame themselves. When Jim talks about his time as chairman, he adopts the persona of a sinner at confession. "I spent too much," Greer says, looking away. "I think I should have recognized that I didn't need to stay in a five-star hotel. I should have set a better example, and I didn't."

The family is down to its last dollars, Greer says. Lisa sold all of her jewelry to make the $1,000-per-month payments on the house. The dishwasher is broken. So is the sink. Lisa now washes dishes in the bathtub for the five kids. Greer can't find more than intermittent consulting work. All of their savings have been poured into his defense and a civil suit he filed in 2010 against the state Republican Party. And he knows how likely it is he won't win. "I'm worried about going to jail," he says. "I am very scared. I wish I would never have been chairman."

Late at night, after his family has gone to bed, Greer fishes out newspaper clippings from years ago. They praise his political savvy and predict great things for him.

All alone, he thinks about what could have been.

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frankd4 topcommenter

maybe now with all his free time he will volunteer to clean bedpans in hospital

seems that he knows how to handle that weill enough to finally make a contribution to society

as for his wife and kids if they were smart they would go their own ways

frankd4 topcommenter

well LEE ATWATER also when caught confessed and procalimed he had been born again and was reading the bible daily..........after ATWATER died it was learned he never even opened it once

go see THE BOOGEY MAN documentary to learn how these bufoons think they are capable of fooling EVERYbody ALL the this crying game is just the latest trick gimmickry these EGOtistical bastards play....kind like a boxers JABs to soften you UP so they can come in for the UPPERcut when they have once again snookered you

sorry ? yeah sorry they got caught BUT never sorry enough not to move onto their next scam or monied deal and ALWAYS ready to talk about themselves (but insist on either getting paid or be guaranteed wide media exposure a la LANCE ARMSTRONG on OPRAH)

oh boo-hoo boo-hoo how sorry we should all feel for little jimmy who doesn't wanna be associated with nobodys and commoners because he is just too good for that


Oh my god, learn how to fix the sink by yourself bro.