By Friday, January 16, the Fort Lauderdale News reported that the owner of the Lantana house had moved to evict the Haitians, who immediately vacated the ranch. Jaslowski remembers now that the emptied house was fetid; empty whiskey bottles were strewn everywhere.

News reports show that suddenly, federal immigration agents began looking for Thor to deport him.

Two weeks later, Thor was on the hunt for grenades and rifles. On that afternoon in February when he and his old lady hurried into Anthony's Runway 84, Thor believed that a pair of CIA agents waited to meet him and would soon furnish him with the tools to overthrow Baby Doc. But first, he said he'd been told, the operatives wanted "party girls and party favors."

Thor Holm Hansen
Kristin Evjent
Thor Holm Hansen

So, sitting at the table with Wood, Thor forked over two ounces of blow, waxed about an imminent Haitian invasion — flashing a letter signed by Magloire that read, "I hereby appoint Mr. Thor Holm Hansen as the ambassador at large of the Republic of Haiti" — and requested exactly 1,000 grenades.

As Thor waited for trial after posting bail, winter gave way to spring. And the dark-haired photographer Laytner came by his house often, Thor recalls, snapping picture after picture. (Laytner denies this. He says he met Thor while the biker was incarcerated.)

Thor's arraignment arrived in March 1981, and he squeezed into camouflage military fatigues, thinking the court would empathize with his commitment to the Haitian cause. Yellow stars glowed on his lapel.

In court, Thor contended he'd been entrapped by the CIA. He entered as exhibits sworn affidavits from Wood and Ritchey, who both said they'd been aware of Thor's involvement with the agency. Another woman, Bunny Marks, said Thor had used her phone to call the CIA and turned over phone records showing calls made on February 5 to McLean, Virginia — the location of CIA headquarters. And a man, Randal Meade, swore that Chi had revealed himself to be a "liaison to the CIA" and guaranteed that Thor would not be deported as long as he worked for the Haitian National Liberation Council.

But on March 27, U.S. District Judge Norman Roettger Jr. ordered a psychiatric evaluation of Thor — who was subsequently found to be of sound mind — and ruled that no evidence or testimony concerning the CIA was admissible. Thor's trial wasn't about Haiti or the CIA, said Roettger, who has since died. It was about whether Thor had dealt cocaine to DEA agents, a fact no one disputed.

When Thor's trial opened on May 18, he arrived at 10:30 a.m., late and traumatically hung-over from whiskey. The details of what happened next are a tad fuzzy; those present had separate recollections.

George McEvoy, a now-deceased Palm Beach Post columnist who attended the trial, reported in a column: "As the trial proceeded, Hansen grew more nervous, and he asked where he could make a phone call. I pointed to a bank of pay phones in the rear. He walked past the phones, got on an elevator, and just vanished."

Laytner told New Times in a recent phone interview: "They really were going to invade Haiti." He'd gone to court to testify on Thor's behalf, "but the judge wouldn't let me." Laytner claims that during a recess in the trial, Thor asked what his chances were. Laytner replied, "I think you're going to get a long sentence, and you never should have left Norway." Thor, Laytner said, then "walked out of the courtroom without any hesitation. I was astonished that no one noticed, and just sat down in disbelief."

Then there's Thor's story. To Thor, Laytner wasn't a photographer there to help but a double-crossing "CIA operative." During a recess that morning, Thor alleges Laytner grabbed his arm and whispered, "You need to get out of here right now. Your family is in imminent danger." So Thor ran out.

The trial proceeded in the biker's absence, and the jury convicted him on all four charges: two distribution-related counts and two counts of possession of cocaine. Roettger later hammered Thor with a 60-year prison sentence — the maximum.

But by the time the sentence came down in absentia in late June, Thor was already gone. After realizing the CIA had perhaps tricked him, Thor, according to federal prosecutors today, hid in a nearby shoreline forest along Alligator Alley, then sailed a boat to the Bahamas, and caught a flight to Norway, where American authorities couldn't reach him.

The Haitian invasion, meanwhile, muddled on — without Thor. The Associated Press reported that in March of 1982, the U.S. Coast Guard stopped two Haiti-bound 40-foot vessels laden with 15 men, 17,000 rounds of ammunition, 45 shoulder weapons, handguns, and grenades. Roland Magloire eventually pleaded guilty to violating U.S. neutrality laws and received five years' probation. Chi was also charged but, ensconced in an academic position at a Canadian college, never returned to the United States. Later, he blamed Thor for blowing the plot's cover. He told the Ottawa Citizen that Thor was "a real bad guy" and that he regretted the biker's involvement in the invasion.

After Thor landed in Norway, Laytner published an article calling Thor "Norway's Al Capone." In a 1981 four-part series, published in the Norwegian magazine Vi Menn, Laytner wrote that Thor had been implicated in murder in the U.S. and was "Public Enemy Number One." Thor, upon seeing this, vowed vindication. "That CIA spin doctor ruined my life," Thor said. "These were Laytner's lies! I never killed anybody!"

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FYI, his name is ThorE (pronounced toor-eh, in fact Hansen americanised the pronunciation). Please correct the numerous misspellings and the cutesy caption about "Norwegian spelling". We do not spell Thor with an e here in Norway, Thor and Thore are different names.


Interesting story, my input is that I recently happened to sit next to a lady from Norway at McSorley's on FT Lauderdale  beach near 3 weeks ago. I was given part of this story (from this past girlfriend of Thors) about Thor simply ran out of the Courthouse , escaping to the Bahamas back in the 80's.