I was pumped to read you're cousins with Barenaked Ladies keyboardist Kevin Hearn.

Yeah, we have a little band called the Cousins.

Wow, how long did it take you to come up with that name?

A man outstanding in the field of standup.
A man outstanding in the field of standup.

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Fort Lauderdale Improv

5700 Seminole Way
Hollywood, FL 33314

Category: Performing Arts Venues

Region: Davie/West Hollywood


Harland Williams, Thursday, February 28, to Sunday, March 3. Multiple showtimes at Fort Lauderdale Improv, 5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets cost $20 to $22 plus fees. Call 954-981-5653, or visit ftl.improv.com.

We toiled over it. We struggled and struggled and finally had to take a road trip to the Philippines to figure it out. We have a blast; I sing, and he plays. We have a silly little CD.

So are the songs funny or serious?

The songs are serious, catchy little pop love songs. But we have a couple of music videos up on YouTube — one is tongue-in-cheek, and the other is more real. We just do it as a hobby and to goof around. It's whatever we want it to be.

What can we expect from your standup show?

I will be doing a lot of material from my brand-new special, Force of Nature. I was inspired to do a new special out in the middle of a desert on a giant hill in broad daylight with no audience. I was just sick of seeing standup in dark, depressing theaters where you cut to the comedian, cut to the crowd over and over again. That's the only way we have ever seen standup specials, and I needed to break the walls down. I will talk about sex, life, death, driving, technology, Bigfoot, putting mayonnaise on the bottom of your shoes, giraffes afraid of ceiling fans. Important stuff.

I'm starting a new thing, a signature question I ask all my interviewees. You happen to be my guinea pig. Ready? 

Bring it on.

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

Wow. I am going to think carefully. Mmm, I would have to say a corned-beef sandwich. With nothing on it — just corned beef — and it has to be moist and juicy and have fat in the meat. It can't be dry. On white bread, not rye, no mustard. Just juicy meat.

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