But that tenacity got him noticed. In October 2009, Wilkinson materialized on MSNBC's Hardball With Chris Matthews. Next came CNN, and soon Wilkinson had launched a Twitter handle: @teapartyczar.

"He's established some kind of celebrity status with the national programs," Kilcullen says. "Charlatans do that. He's just power-hungry. So absolutely power-hungry."

In January 2010, Wilkinson filed a federal lawsuit, which was later dropped, against the Florida TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party, alleging it had misappropriated the name tea. Its chairman, Doug Guetzloe, then sued Wilkinson in state court for defamation; those claims too were dropped. In separate litigation, Wilkinson was sued in 2011 for breach of contract and paid a woman named Susan Smith of Palm Beach County $1,251 after she accused him of "lies" and "procrastination" that impeded her fundraising efforts, according to Sunshine State News.

That same year, Wilkinson organized a local rally for Donald Trump in Boca Raton but came up short $6,000 in security fees, and Trump had to cover the event's expenses. (Wilkinson says he hadn't expected so high a bill.)

Even today, money problems seem to bedevil Wilkinson. On a recent Tuesday, he said he makes "very little" through activism. He declined to reveal how much he pays to rent his office — a small, sterile side room in a three-story building in downtown West Palm Beach.

And it's possible, for all his national clout, he doesn't have much of a following. Wilkinson told New Times last November that he has as many as 40,000 followers, but Pam Wohlschlegel, the former Palm Beach County Tea Party chairwoman, said she doesn't know anyone anywhere who takes Wilkinson seriously.

Nick Egoroff, a Tea Party activist in Orlando, called Wilkinson a "has-been." Five prominent party activists interviewed by New Times all agreed: Wilkinson is pure bluster.

But what separates Wilkinson from others like him is how many reporters quote him — and repeatedly — without checking him out.

On the homepage of his website, liberty.com is a disturbing video depicting a group of Nazis confiscating a gun from a "Constitution fanatic," accusing him of "resisting social progress," and executing him.

Another "news" article published on February 15 says that "Supreme Leader Barack Hussein Obama" called for an "ultimate gun ban" in his recent State of the Union address to "communize" the country and establish his "anti-white, pro-radical Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, pro-gay, socialist government and eliminate what few liberties we have left."

One lengthy piece, "It's Obvious They Want Civil War!," says Obama "staged or encouraged" the mass shootings that occurred in Aurora, Colorado, and Newtown, Connecticut.

When New Times contacted the National Journal's Reinhard to ask whether she knew about any of this, she hurried to get off the phone. "I don't know him that well," she said. "I don't want to participate in a story like this... I just like doing my stories."

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This guy is a joke. We conceived the tea party two years before this Wilkinson guy claims to have.... on Dec 16, 2007... 

Here is proof. http://www.nhteapartycoalition.org/tea/about-join/

Wilikinson came along with the Obama haters GOP version of the teaparty, two years later.

What a joke. The tea party was formed by libertarians and don't work for campaigns or collect money or have offices in DC.

These people are fakes.


He is so important that candidates buy his endorsement for the other guy. Scott Israel paid this clown to endorse first Louie Granteed then Al Lamberti.

He also was paid by Todd Wilder to advocate for all kinds of things from orange grove land to Genteng Gambling in Miami.


He is so important that candidates buy his endorsement for the other guy. Scott Israel paid this clown to endorse first Louie Granteed then Al Lamberti. He also was paid by Todd Wilder to advocate for all kinds of things from orange grove land to Genteng Gambling in Miami.


Well he sounds legit to me.........as legit as any other Tea-Nut......

smdrpepper topcommenter

So he IS the poster boy for all the tea baggers.  You want to find someone to blame for the problems in this country, look no farther than the party of Lipton.  Its thanks to them we cannot get anything done in this country, they even tried to stop hurricane relief!  They are all equally bad and lousy with conspiracy theorists.  Time to get rid of the lot of them.


Interesting media outlet. Every positive comment that doesnt agree with this article is removed and only the negative comments are left up.  I dont care either way but it says something about whatever this NewTimes organization is and its agenda. 

Once again.  It seems like alot of people spend alot of time talking about, writing about, and disparaging a person that has no influence, clout, or relevance according to theme of these articles. 


Slowly fade into a sterile office on the 3rd floor of a non-nondescript office building.

<< telephone ringing >>

Mr. Wilkinson, this is a diabetes calling.


Carnival barker is the most appropriate title for this guy. He is a tea party of one, with a large mailing list that he exhausts through endless fundraising appeals. As for the extreme nature of his emails, the extreme element is all that remains of the tea party and these wingnut issues prompt a better response for the appeal for funds -- which is what Wilkinson is really all about. I'm surprised there was no mention of him being bankrolled in 2010 by gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum to set up his opponent, current Gov. Rick Scott. To call this guy a fraud is an insult to the fraudulent.


@badazzcivic NO real movement endorses candidates. They work on issues. This guy thinks he was the one who thought of the tea party but we'd also marched on DC in July of 2008 as well. EVen our NH tea party had 4,000 people on the park in 2009... and had been in operation for 2 years already.