As tourists strolled up and down East Las Olas Boulevard, many couldn't help themselves from stopping and staring inside the restaurant's opulent interior. The large room is divided by a dark-wood and glass service station that forces most servers to hover about in plain sight. Most of the room is wrapped in exposed brick covered with framed black-and-white photos of everything from Marilyn Monroe to the Eiffel Tower. Glittering chandeliers hang from smoke-gray ceilings adorned with ornate, olive-vine moulding. Greco-style columns run the length of the room, and most diners are afforded the opportunity to dine while seated in quilted, oversized gray couches.

Yet the couches are too low for the large tables and forced us to sit upright at the edge of our seats while eating. Still, it was pleasant to sit back and relax while we waited, in one instance more than a half-hour, for our meals to arrive. There were even fleece blankets, which came in handy on a rare blustery South Florida evening.

The opposite side of the room was all high-top seating surrounding a small L-shaped bar. Behind it is a trio of flat-screen televisions divided by inlaid wall columns all back-lit with a purple/pink glow.

The $29 foie gras burger sounded enticing but arrived overcooked and on a dense bun.
The $29 foie gras burger sounded enticing but arrived overcooked and on a dense bun.


Voodka, 817 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-900-3664, or visit Open daily 11:30 a.m. until midnight.

Tuna tartar $12

Roasted organic chicken $22

Grouper en papillote $29

Italian risotto with shrimp $27

Foie gras burger $29

A lone female singer helped attract attention as she circled the room, softly cooing love songs in perfect pitch into a rhinestone-encrusted microphone. Clad in a metallic, form-fitting magenta dressed that matched her shoulder-length hair, she was yet another over-the-top accent designed to lure in unsuspecting passersby.

We suggest you keep walking.

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