New Times Says No to MLB

We have given baseball and anyone else interested in the scandal everything important. Dozens of pages of Bosch's records have been posted at Only thing is, we have blacked out names of those who weren't demonstrably involved in any kind of malfeasance. If a lawyer, developer, or my barber wants to use testosterone, human growth hormone, or some other performance enhancer, that's his or her right. They're fundamentally different from athletes, who promise not to use these drugs and are role models for millions of kids.

So now it's up to baseball and Florida's health investigators. Bosch's patient records not only list the names of players like the Washington Nationals' Gio Gonzalez and the Texas Rangers' Nelson Cruz but also indicate Bosch regularly sold controlled substances that require a prescription, including human growth hormones, anabolic steroids, and testosterone.

Investigators will also look into whether Bosch illegally compounded drugs. State law prohibits anyone but a licensed pharmacist or doctor from combining prescription medications. Clinic records and Bosch's personal notebooks suggest Bosch might have combined testosterone and other drugs for some of his clients.

Handwritten client lists from Biogenesis.
Handwritten client lists from Biogenesis.

The investigators plan to review their database of 'scripts to find any doctors who prescribed medicine later sold at Biogenesis. Those doctors could also face state charges.

Bosch could face separate felony charges for practicing medicine without a license and for illegally compounding drugs. Other doctors too could face civil or criminal penalties.

Anthony Bosch's attorney, Susy Ribero-Ayala, says she "is not aware of any pending investigation" and declined to comment further.

Managing Editor Tim Elfrink contributed to this report.

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The people of Dade can only blame themselves for the stadium costs. It was their elected representatives that approved the deal. Loria and the Marlins were just feeding at the trough.

Besides, the Dolphins are about to pull the same thing. It's open season on taxpayers.