Top Ten Irish Bars

Click for a slideshow of the Field Irish Bar & Eatery.

Top Ten Irish Bars

Click for a slideshow of the Field Irish Bar & Eatery.

It can be hard to relate to Ireland's rolling green hills and blustery cliffside villages, but if there's one thing South Florida understands, it's how to raise a glass and toast to a damned good time. Perhaps that's why this hot, flat state is home to so many Emerald Isle-inspired digs.

Here's our take on the ten best Irish pubs and restaurants in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Use it to help you decide where you'll be tipping back your St. Patrick's Day Guinness (or six).

10. J.G. McGuinness Irish Pub & Restaurant, 1744 Main St., Weston; 954-349-2100; St. Patrick's Day weekend activities start at 8 p.m. Friday, 3 p.m. Saturday, and 8 a.m. Sunday, with live music and bar specials.

An Irish bar where you're more likely to find a pack of well-heeled women than you would a band of sad poets who are three sheets to the wind? Such a thing exists — in Weston, of course — where J.G. McGuinness has served the local population of hot moms and whiskey-sipping men since early 2011. The bar's interior was designed by Bar None, a specialty firm that helps non-Irish establishments replicate that trademark Dublin façade, so expect tons of dark, polished wood and textured fabrics. The beer's the thing, though, and J.G. McGuinness has enlisted the experts on that front as well. The draft system was designed by a former Dublin-based Guinness brewer who also supervised the installation. It's not St. James Gate, but it could be the closest you'll find in western Broward.

9. Dicey Riley's Bar and Restaurant, 217 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale; 954-522-1908.

Loud, raucous, loud, packed on the weekends — and did we mention loud? — Dicey Riley's is a Himmarshee mainstay. Booze is the first, second, and third order of business, but a hungry St. Patrick's Day reveler could scare up a spot of the typical Irish pub fare if necessary (something's gotta temper those shots of whiskey). On St. Patrick's Day, expect a rowdy crowd to pack in early and party on into the wee hours of the mornin'. Weekend nights mean live bands performing the familiar rock anthems of yore, and there are typically more than a few hotties working the bar.

8. Paddy Mac's, 10971 N. Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens; 561-691-4366; St. Patrick's Day festivities are planned for Sunday, with live music starting at noon and a special menu offered all day.

Paddy Mac's is one of the few Irish spots in South Florida that goes out of its way to emphasize its edible fare over the quaffable fare. This isn't to say you can't score a well-poured pint — nay; in fact, the bartenders do a fine job of supplying Irish beers to the masses — but rather that the kitchen staff at Paddy Mac's (which includes a few Emerald Isle natives) prides itself on traditional dishes like Irish cottage pie and salmon boxty. There's a warm, neighborhood vibe to the restaurant/bar and a variety of outdoor and indoor seating options available to cozy up into as you chow down on Scotch eggs and fish 'n' chips.

7. The Dubliner, 435 Plaza Real in Mizner Park, Boca Raton; 561-620-2540; Nonstop St. Patrick's Day celebration on Sunday with live music, traditional Irish food, skydiving leprechauns landing in Mizner Park (!!!), bagpipes, and kids' activities.

Born of the Sub Culture Group, which is responsible for popular spots like Dada and Tryst, the Dubliner is a focal point for action in Mizner Park. No matter the holiday or cause for celebration, the joint is typically filled with a mingling mix of FAU students, rich Boca retirees, tourists, and just-off-work locals. The Irish-inspired cuisine is made from scratch, and many of the classic Irish favorites are available on tap or by the bottle. An L-shaped outdoor area — shared in part with the adjacent Kapow! Noodle Bar — is a nice alternative when there's no space at one of the high-top, dark polished wood tables inside. A second location will open in downtown Fort Lauderdale this spring.

6. Mickey Byrne's Irish Pub Restaurant, 1921 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; 561-691-4366; All-day St. Patrick's Day celebration on Sunday with live music, Irish dancers, bagpipers, and food and drink specials.

Mickey Byrne's in downtown Hollywood pours a hell of a lot of pints of Guinness, but the pub isn't above showing a little local love to the fine brews made on this side of the pond. In fact, their rotating list of 18 taps includes American craft beer — even some made in Florida — right alongside Irish favorites like Harp Lager and England's Newcastle Brown Ale. Sip that pint while taking in a game of footy on one of the big-screen HD TVs and don't worry about tripping over shamrock paraphernalia as you navigate your way to your seat: This bar, which opened in November 2008, has a toned-down approach to re-creating an Irish vibe.

5. Maguire's Hill 16, 535 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale; 954-764-4453; All-day St. Patrick's festival on Sunday with live music and drink and food specials.

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frankd4 topcommenter

....AND yes that picture of the corned beef and cabbage at the Field Irish Pub & Eatery is the real deal and don't overlook those FRESH carrots = i had a seperate side of of them and added a little cinnamon


How is Murphy's Law not on this list?  Come on, now. It’s a Battle of the Bonos this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend! They'll have concerts by 2U and UV (South Florida’s best U2 tribute bands), Almost Journey, authentic Celtic dancers, strolling bagpipes, Irish DJs, traditional food and fare, drink specials and more. Plus, this is an Irish pub that is actually owned by a couple from Ireland. 


frankd4 topcommenter

the thing of it is ........... ST PATs DAY is for getting DRUNK = period = the FOOD component is IRRelevant

this need not, GETTING DRUNK, be done in an "irish" bar,  so this list is IRRelevant to what to do ON ST PATs DAY .......... and as far as i am concerned,  the places on this list that I DO FREQUENT,  i will stay away from this FRI and SAT (and maybe even SUN)

WHY ? they will be OVERrun by irish as well as "irish for the day" meaning all factors will be taxed..........parking, accomodations, service, quality, the day wears on