Here's a brief look at five other PBIFF titles that caught my eye:

The Shift: Another film dealing at least tangentially with cancer, this shaky-cam drama set during a 12-hour shift in an emergency room pits the worldviews of two nurses against each other; Danny Glover costars. (7 p.m. Friday, April 5, at Muvico Parisian)

Twilight of the Gods: The filmed version of British writer/director Julian Doyle's play of the same name, about the tumultuous relationship between composer Richard Wagner and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche — which continues in spirit after Wagner dies. (8:30 p.m. Monday, April 8, at Muvico Parisian)

Helen Hunt in Decoding Annie Parker.
Helen Hunt in Decoding Annie Parker.


Palm Beach International Film Festival, April 4 to 11 at four Palm Beach County theaters; various showtimes and prices; 561-362-0003,

Joe Papp in Five Acts: This film boasts the most stars of all the PBIFF titles, corralling the likes of Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Martin Sheen, and Christopher Walken, albeit in a documentary context, to discuss the life and work of Joseph Papp, the late theater impresario. (2:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, at Cobb Downtown at the Gardens)

Renoir: As its title suggests, the film is about the great French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, his son and future celebrated filmmaker Jean, and the young woman they both fell in love with during Pierre-August's twilight years. It looks sexier than it sounds. (7 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, at Cobb Downtown at the Gardens)

Chez Upshaw: Illeana Douglas and Kevin Pollak play the proprietors of a struggling B&B who turn their business into a lucrative assisted-suicide station to make ends meet in this dark comedy to close the festival. (7 p.m. Thursday, April 11, at Frank Theaters in Delray Beach)

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I'm excited about the David Lynch film, I'm a big fan and seriously LOVE my transcendental meditation practice. Good stuff!


Forget the review, I still plan to see the new David Lynch movie. I think it's great that he does TM, and that his new movie revolves around meditation, and all the good things that come from that.


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