In the meantime, Schiller finished his memoir. He found out about the Pain & Gain film only last year, when one of his bosses brought it to his attention.

Originally the character played by Shalhoub was going to be named after him and he was supposed to have a cameo role as a detective, Schiller claims. But both fell through. "They kept me at a distance," he says.

From the trailer he's watched, Schiller says, Shalhoub's brash character is all wrong. "There is no resemblance to me at all," he says. "I was always a humble, family person."

Adrian Doorbal was a Caribbean Adonis when he was busted for murder. Today, he's a bald death-row inmate who likes to seek out online pen pals.
Miami Dade Corrections / Florida Department of Corrections
Adrian Doorbal was a Caribbean Adonis when he was busted for murder. Today, he's a bald death-row inmate who likes to seek out online pen pals.
Daniel Lugo was the mastermind of the Sun Gym Gang. He'll die by lethal injection if the U.S. Supreme Court denies his final appeal.
Miami Dade Corrections / Florida Department of Corrections
Daniel Lugo was the mastermind of the Sun Gym Gang. He'll die by lethal injection if the U.S. Supreme Court denies his final appeal.

As interest in the Sun Gym Gang case has gained traction, major news outlets have knocked on Schiller's door seeking to retell his story. He's been interviewed by ABC's 20/20 and CBS' 48 Hours, though he wasn't happy with either news report, which he feels portrayed him as a lowlife scoundrel who deserved his torture.

"To me, the story was about my survival," he says. "I don't understand why they want to make me look like a bad guy."

Name: Szuszanna Griga

Played by: Not depicted in the movie. Her brother, Frank, is part of Shalhoub's composite character

Key description: "Griga began to collect luxury automobiles, among them a $200,000 royal blue Vector, a rare, handmade, experimental sports car; a Dodge Stealth for running errands; and the Lamborghini Diablo... His girlfriends were beautiful, as sensual and sculpted as the cars he owned. He preferred babes, some of them strippers, and after he and Beatriz had parted ways, she introduced him to Krisztina Furton at Crazy Horse II, a Fort Lauderdale strip joint. The two quickly fell in love and became inseparable."

Real-life role: Griga's sister

Born in Berlin in 1961, Frank Griga emigrated to New York City in the mid-'80s, toiling as a car washer, then as a foreign-car mechanic. After moving to Miami in 1988, he landed a gig selling luxury rides at North Miami Beach's Prestige Imports. He yearned to own the Lotuses and Ferraris. Soon, he found his calling card, literally. He joined a group of investors in the 800- and 900-number markets and made a fortune on sex lines. In 1994 alone, Frank and his partners took in 3 million bucks.

"My brother left Communist Hungary when he was 21," Szuszanna said in a recent phone interview. "He built his business from the ground up. He was the personification of the American dream."

He bought himself a $700,000 waterfront mansion in Golden Beach and a yacht called Foreplay. And he began collecting his own exotic toys, like his $200,000 royal-blue Vector. Those expensive tastes led to his downfall, though. Doorbal's girlfriend, who knew Griga through her strip-club job, showed the hood a photo of the businessman with his Lambo. That's how the gang found its final mark.

On May 27, 1995, after several aborted attempts to snatch Griga, Lugo and Doorbal lured him and Furton to Shula's Steak House under the pretense of a business deal. The restaurant was closed, so the goons brought the couple back to Doorbal's apartment, where Frank and Krisztina spent their final moments in agonizing terror.

More than a week later, Szuszanna got a call from Dade County detectives confirming they'd found the hacked-up bodies of her brother and his girlfriend. Immediately she flew from Budapest. The 54-year-old karmic astrologer sat through every agonizing day of the Sun Gym Gang's four-month trial. She also testified at the sentencing hearings for Lugo and Doorbal.

"It's not a crime to enjoy life," Szuszanna says. "No one deserves to be murdered just because he drives nice cars and has a beautiful girlfriend."

Current status: Griga lives in Budapest, Hungary, occasionally returning to Aventura, where she owns a condo.

After Lugo and Doorbal were convicted, Szuszanna sold her sibling's opulent estate for $895,000. Frank's sister lives in Budapest with their 91-year-old mother but has returned for all of Lugo's and Doorbal's appeal hearings. "They continue coming up with nonsense to escape what's coming to them," Szuszanna grouses.

As far as the movie, Szuszanna is already panning it. She's appalled the movie is a dark comedy that portrays Lugo and Doorbal as antiheroes who go after a scumbag.

"To show these killers as a couple of funny, nice guys who made a couple of blunders is indecent," she says. "The movie is going to glorify what they did. It's ridiculous."

Name: Ed Du Bois

Played by: Ed Harris

Key description: "Ed Du Bois became a mere spectator to the grisly findings. He felt some relief that Lugo, Delgado, and Doorbal were in custody, but the institutional cynicism that thwarted a true investigation into Schiller's kidnapping filled him with ire. Why did Frank Griga and Krisztina Furton have to pay such a terrible price? Why hadn't the police taken him seriously? 'How does it feel,' he scornfully quizzed one investigator, 'to have blood on your hands?' "

Real-life role: Private investigator hired by Schiller to bust the Sun Gym Gang

On December 16, 1994, Ed Du Bois was busy working as the National Football League's South Florida investigator and security consultant. A third-generation P.I., Du Bois owns the oldest agency in Florida. As Du Bois worked that morning analyzing security for the upcoming Super Bowl at Joe Robbie Stadium, his phone rang. It was Schiller, desperate and terrified, recounting the gang's grisly deeds from a hospital bed.

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