Salt Life has "brought legal action at least 100 times" against copycats producing logos similar to the company's trademark, cofounder and managing partner Richard Thompson told the Florida Times Union in 2010. "We have policemen going into mall kiosks around the country."

The shrimp "bro chette" will set you back $15.99, bro.
The shrimp "bro chette" will set you back $15.99, bro.
Salt Life Food Shack's bar and Caleche's Poke Bowl
Salt Life Food Shack's bar and Caleche's Poke Bowl


Salt Life Food Shack, 2660 N. University Drive, Coral Springs. Open Sunday to Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11:30 a.m. to midnight. Call 954-340-7258.

Oyster shooter $1

Bimini conch fritters $9.49

Tuna burger $10.49

Fried fish basket $12.99

Shrimp "Bro Chette" $15.99

Thompson and the other founders rarely speak to the media. An interview request for this article was met with swift rejection from IMG. There's little time, as the company focuses on boosting profits, preparing for international expansion, and, of course, staying salty.

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I recently went into the Coral Speing location to see a band and a group of us decided to have dinner. Soft shell crab with bacon on ciabatta, seared tuna on a bed of greens with avacado, guacamole and chips and a salmon sushi roll. The place was packed. The food came out within 10 minutes. The crab sandwich... Lightly fried and perfect, the seared tuna was generous, fresh and served with a sesame dressing that was amazing. My husband and I shared both of those dishes and they split them for us in the kitchen. The salmon roll that my daughter ordered was delicious and generous and the guacamole was some of the best I've had in the states. We also had beverages... The service was perfect, prompt, attentive and we never asked for refills. The bill was just under $50.

The decor was a cross between Key West and someplace you'd sit and relax at Universal Studios to grab AC and ambience. All in all, probably my favorite place at Restaurant Row on 'the Drive.' I am looking forward to checking out the new BJ's going up a little further south where another deduct chain met its end on Restaurant Row. With all the comings and goings of chain restaurants on the Drive I hope Salt Life maintains its mojo and is around for the long haul.


I tried the Salt Life Shack a few months ago and found the food to be horrible.  Probably the worst seafood I have had anywhere in years. The service was also poor as the bartenders just seemed uninterested in being there or providing any type of service.  There are so many other good places on University Drive so I find no reason to ever go back to the Salt Life Shack or recommend it to anyone.