She was simply short on cash and enticed by Seeking Arrangement's free college accounts. In December, Rachel uploaded a few photos and a short profile saying she "loves being spoiled." Under the category "What I expect," she selected "amount negotiable."

Within 24 hours, she had received a handful of messages. One of them was from the accountant. For their first meeting, Rachel brought along a couple of friends. He bought them all drinks. The second time, the two of them went out to dinner alone. Afterward, he gave her $300 in cash. By the fourth meeting, things had gotten kinky.

"He likes to be tickled with this little feather thing on his ass," she says. And although she says they haven't had intercourse, he has used dildos and vibrators on her. "I'm pretty open when it comes to sex," she says.

Illustration by Joseph Laney
Illustration by Joseph Laney

In many ways, Rachel is a poster child for Seeking Arrangement's stated mission of empowerment. (In fact, the website put her and another sugar baby in touch with New Times. Other sugar babies were found independently.) She says she has a "weird fetish for older guys," mostly white, whom she might otherwise never meet. "It's not that I'm attracted to them," says Rachel, who spends her free time hanging out with younger black men in clubs. "But [the titillation of using the service] just turns me on."

As she talks, her phone lights up with a text message from another of her sugar daddies: a middle-aged white man she's never met. It reads: "How's my goddess?"

"He wants me to have phone sex with him until he gets caught masturbating in public," Rachel explains. "But I have yet to get him caught. He tries all the time. It's been about three weeks. It's kind of aggravating."

"I'm ready to be your jerk-off bitch," the sugar daddy texts. "Baby get me caught." With her long black fingernails, Rachel replies that she needs money for Memorial Day weekend.

"Sure, I manipulate them," she tells New Times. "But why would I feel bad about this? These guys are rich."

"If you fuck for free, why not get paid for it?" her tiny friend chimes in. "There are stupid girls out there doing shit for free when they don't even get spoiled.

"How embarrassing," the friend adds, puffing on the smoldering joint. "Don't they know that pussy ain't free no mo'?"

"Too flashy," Brittney says, pointing to the popped collar and gaudy sunglasses on a random man walking past. "Their manners, the words they use, the type of clothes they wear. You have to be careful." Her line of work has made her an expert on judging a man's character by the way he looks.

Sitting in the sun outside a Starbucks in Coco Walk, Brittney — not her real name — showed up early so she could scope out a New Times reporter, just as she does with sugar daddies. She's in her early 20s but looks like a teenager with strawberry blond hair and freckles. In her high school T-shirt, short shorts, and flip-flops, she belongs on an episode of Glee.

Instead, she is on Seeking Arrangement, where she makes more than $3,000 a month by sleeping with millionaires twice her age. If Rachel is the party girl, Brittney is the responsible one. She has paid her way through college, bought a sports car, and is saving toward buying a house. She is also Brandon Wade's fiercest critic.

"He protects himself by saying that it's not prostitution when, in reality, it is," she says. "It's just a very decorated form of it."

Like Rachel, Brittney became a sugar baby because she was broke and bored. She lost her virginity at 15 to a boy she loved but who scared her by shouting violently during arguments. The relationship didn't last. When she turned 18, her upper-middle-class parents cut her off. "I was making $8 an hour at the mall," she says, "and I had to pay for my college classes within a week."

Brittney already had a wild streak, including a shoplifting phase during high school. So a few days before the beginning of fall semester, she posted an ad on Craigs­list offering to do soft porn. But when a man called her a couple of hours later, he didn't want her photos. He wanted her.

"I didn't even know escorting existed," she says. She taught herself the basics of the trade by watching online documentaries: Never use your real name. Never call from your real phone number. And never lose control of the situation. "It's amazing what you can learn on Netflix," she says with a smile.

Brittney stayed with the man she met on Craigslist for two years, dining, traveling, and sleeping together whenever he wanted to. She developed her own rules, always bringing her own condoms and making her sugar daddy shower before sex. But when she found out he was two-timing her, she cut things off as suddenly as they had begun. "I was fine with him seeing other women, but he was lying about it," she says. "And I needed to protect myself."

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It's prostitution, whores!  This is the what the parents in Florida have done to their children and the whole system in Florida is corrupted! This will catch up to them and bite them later in their careers.


Where is the site for young male college students to get money from Cougies?

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Would not Prostitution ... by any other name ... taste as sweet?