Brittney has been using Seeking Arrangement ever since. "There are all different levels of sugar babies on there," she says.

New Times wanted to see for ourselves, so we set up an account. We sent messages to 40 sugar babies, ranging from 18-year-old college students to middle-aged single moms. Nearly a dozen replied to our request for an interview. "What's the compensation?" one asked. A sugar baby with an Ivy League diploma suggested we meet to talk politics before realizing she was talking to a reporter. "Eeek. No thank you," she wrote. "I cannot risk exposure."

A few women were frank about exchanging sex for money. "Some men just solicit me for sex," said a buxom 25-year-old with peroxide blond hair and a criminal record. "That's OK as long as they know that they will have to support me in some way. That's what the site entitles. I make sure that they know what's up."

Illustration by Joseph Laney
Illustration by Joseph Laney

This woman said that of her sugar daddies, one had a taste for cocaine and threesomes. Another routinely paid her $1,200 to humiliate him. She would walk into a hotel room to find the businessman dressed in a bra, panties, high heels, and lipstick. She would lie on the bed while he covered her in honey and chicken feathers. "He would enjoy pouring honey on me and licking it off as I insulted him," she said. "I would tell him what a bitch or cunt or queer or cross-dressing freak he was.

"I use my looks and personality and charm to get what I want: cars, shoes, trips," she said. "My mom always told me: 'You're not going to be beautiful and young forever. Use it or you're going to lose it.'

"One guy said he'd pay me $1,000 if I peed in his face," she said. "But that was too much for me."

Brittney scowls when she hears about the honey and feathers. Women have to be careful what type of men they meet, she says. One friend of hers got addicted to drugs thanks to bad sugar daddies. "She went from marijuana to ecstasy to cocaine while spending time with men she met on Craigs­list," Brittney claims. "She overdosed, and when they did the autopsy, they found she had all kinds of STDs."

Brittney spent four months interviewing men she met on Seeking Arrangement before settling on her current sugar daddy. "You have to weed out the ones who just want sex."

The man she sees now is a CEO in his 40s who's worth $15 million. "We fly to New Orleans for dinner or Dallas for the weekend," she says. In addition to $3,000 per month, she gets occasional bonuses. Once, when she mentioned she had a tuition payment coming up, he gave her $1,500 on the spot.

But it comes at a personal cost. A New Times reporter is the only person to whom Brittney has ever told her secrets. Not even her parents know. As a result, she is painfully unable to talk about her professional life, which is part private detective — on the lookout for cops as well as criminals — and part actress. "Our job is to get you guys and keep you," she says with a grin. "We can put on any face and you'll never know what we're thinking."

The job has gotten easier over the years, especially the sex. "At first, you have to hold your breath and get it over with. You go home and pretend it never happened," she says. "Now I like 90 percent of what my sugar daddy and I do."

Working her way up the sugar ladder has other benefits too. Her efforts have netted her nearly $100,000, with which she has bought herself a car and paid for college a year early. She has taken overseas vacations but doesn't spend lavishly because she doesn't want to "blow her cover." Her ambitions are higher than Gucci and Prada, she says. She wants to go to graduate school, buy a house, and become a businesswoman herself. "I'm really interested in learning their tactics," she says of her sugar daddies. "I want to learn from the best of the best."

For sugar daddies, the benefits of Seeking Arrangement are obvious. "It's like being a kid in a candy store," says Ricardo Calderon, a 43-year-old businessman who flies women from South Beach to his hometown of Chicago for "dates." He makes around $300,000 a year from his lingerie and computer repair companies.

"Dude, I'm a single guy," he says. "I don't have any time to hit the clubs, and that's the wrong place to find women anyway. I got on Seeking Arrangement out of curiosity. Simple as that. To my surprise, there are all kinds of women on there: There are gold diggers and materialistic chicks, but there are also other women who just want a man to open doors for them, buy them roses, take them out to a nice dinner."

Calderon, who allowed New Times to publish his real name, has no guilt about striking up arrangements with women he meets online. "If a woman just wants my money, I tell her not to waste my time," he says. "So don't give me that 'It's prostitution' crap. It's not true."

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It's prostitution, whores!  This is the what the parents in Florida have done to their children and the whole system in Florida is corrupted! This will catch up to them and bite them later in their careers.


Where is the site for young male college students to get money from Cougies?

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Would not Prostitution ... by any other name ... taste as sweet?