"And then the people come in, and you think, I'll side with them, because they're working against an asshole. And they turn out to be hyenas and monsters, and audiences will think, I don't like them either. It's not fair, what they said. There's something strangely Petraeus-like about certain movements in the play, in terms of a highly decorated army official doing something morally suspect and people turning on him. It's all there."

Crawford (left) and Zach Myers: No props.
Daniel Gordon
Crawford (left) and Zach Myers: No props.

Christian summarizes the play's politics by referencing an oft-quoted axiom from philosophers Will and Ariel Durant: A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. "It's always been my fear of what's happening now in America, because I believe we are in a decline at the moment," Christian says. "It's a fascinating play, and the collective wisdom is very fascinating. Some people will get it, and some won't, but I think the audiences will enjoy it and get right to the heart of it — and also try to figure it out."

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