In May 2004, Anderson pleaded guilty to having unregistered firearms and began serving time at the minimum-security federal prison in Seagoville, Texas. Two other charges were dropped, but federal Judge William Sanderson imposed a $20,000 fine on top of the 36-month sentence.

Chris Burke, a Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman, said Anderson left jail with 141 days off for good behavior in June 2006. He was then briefly married for a fourth time from May 2007 till January 2008. By December 2008, he had concluded his legal obligations after successfully petitioning the court for an early termination of his three-year conditional release.

Anderson doesn't much like to talk about that time in his life. "You're [reporting about] this to sell newspapers," he told New Times when the issue of his jail time was brought up. "I do not have a criminal record." Then he changed course. "It was for not paying taxes on unregistered weapons." In fact, he had been charged with possession of unregistered firearms, possession of firearms bearing no serial number, and unlawful possession of machine guns, but he eventually pleaded guilty only to the unregistered charge.

Anderson: "Be very, very careful."
Javier Aparisi
Anderson: "Be very, very careful."

These days, Anderson apparently has a new life shuttling back and forth between Texas and Aventura, where he says he lives in a condo at Mystic Point. In Dallas, he runs a high-tech investment company called Data Discovery Inc., and a grandchild is on the way.

His business card says he is chairman emeritus of the Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce. Megan Smith, a spokeswoman for the chamber, said he was the founding chairman when the organization was created in 2007. "He is currently a member of the board and of the executive committee," she adds.

His passion for cars remains. He's very active with the Rolls-Royce Owners Club (RROC) and has two Bentley automobiles. His 1995 Pininfarina Bentley Azure is one of only 12 convertibles that were partly manufactured in Italy. Originally priced at more than $300,000, it can travel 155 miles an hour. A year ago, he also bought a 2006 Bentley Arnage four-door sedan with a backseat refrigerator. "The car is equipped with a bar," he says. "Special crystal sets were supplied. And the car has the adjustable rear seats."

On a second interview a few weeks later, Anderson took a New Times reporter for a test drive down Lehman Causeway in Aventura. The hand-built twin-turbo V8 engine on the 2006 Bentley Arnage — sticker price new: more than $300,000 — hardly strained as he dodged through the midafternoon traffic.

Anderson was listed as the contact person when local owners of Rolls-Royces met for breakfast in mid-March at the Miami Shores Country Club. "This is not a car club," he said when initially contacted by New Times. "This is a people club that happens to have cars."

The treasurer of the RROC Florida Region, Ruben Verdes, was reluctant to talk about Anderson. When asked if he was aware of Anderson's prison stint, Verdes abruptly ended the conversation. "Now you are making it clear why it is not a good idea to talk to you. Have a good day," he said.

An even more bizarre conversation occurred when a reporter inquired about his fifth wife, Rivka Arad. "I'm married to a beautiful lady," he said. "She enjoys the cars."

A further examination revealed she is a rabbi at the Shalom Community Center, which is housed within the Dezer Collection, a North Miami classic car museum. When a reporter called to inquire at the museum, a worker confirmed, "Yes, [Anderson] is her husband."

However, a few minutes later, Arad called and said, "He was my husband, but the divorce is not through yet. We are separated. I don't really want to talk about it. We don't live in the same place anymore. He has absolutely no connection to the museum."

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Not much due diligence done on this story for sure. Should've checked him out much, much better. Nothing but a con-man and ex-felon. Data Discovery Inc. is just a sham with no employees, no place of business, and no actual business.......... it only exists for "show-boat" purposes for Anderson saying he is President!  What a joke. Now running his ruse down in Florida after being run out of Texas !


The semi-retired spy agency arms trader *does* have sweet cars.