When it's finished, grab the second container and place a fine mesh strainer over the top. To make sure you're not left with any grounds in your cold brew, double strain the liquid by placing a couple of layers of cheesecloth or paper towels over the top. Slowly pour the steeped coffee through the strainer. It'll take a little while for all the liquid to pass through. Discard the dregs, pour your liquid-coffee gold into a pretty carafe, and store in your fridge. The two gallons of brew should last you a good three weeks to a month if you keep it sealed nice and tight.

Palacio also recommends the at-home Toddy system ($35 at Williams-Sonoma), which is as simple as adding coffee and water and sticking it in the refrigerator. You can also experiment with a French Press. The point is, have fun with it.

If you find yourself short on prep time, though, you can go online and order some delicious, potent, and conveniently shippable prepackaged bottles of cold brews. This option is easily the most cost- and time-efficient way to get your iced coffee fix any time of the day.

Harold's owner Keith Palagye and his brew.
Harold's owner Keith Palagye and his brew.
Coffee beans and the macchiato at Harold's.
Coffee beans and the macchiato at Harold's.

Location Info


Harold's Coffee Lounge

509 Northwood Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Category: Restaurant > Coffeehouse

Region: West Palm Beach

Coastars Coffee Bar

12 S. J St.
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Category: Coffee Shops

Region: Lake Worth

Green Bar & Kitchen

1075 SE 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Category: Restaurant > Vegan

Region: Fort Lauderdale


Harold's Coffee Lounge, 509 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach. Call 561-833-6366, or visit haroldscoffee.com.

Coastar's Coffee Bar, 12 S. J St., Lake Worth. Call 561-533 0353, or visit coastarscoffee.com.

Green Bar & Kitchen1075 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-533-7507, or visit greenbarkitchen.com

N.O. Brew, based in New Orleans, offers 34.5-ounce ($5.99) and 64-ounce ($10.99) bottles of its cold brew in four flavors: traditional, hazelnut, French vanilla, and Storyville Mocha. One of the stronger cold brews I've come across (also the cheapest), N.O. Brew suggests one part coffee to two parts milk or water over ice.

Palacio's personal favorite imported cold brew comes from Slingshot Coffee Co., based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Its special brew sells in a two-pack of pretty 16-ounce glass bottles, one "ready-to-drink" and one "concentrate." The ready-to-drink recipe calls for ice and a splash of milk, etc., to taste, while the concentrate recommends a one-to-one ratio of coffee to milk. At $17 plus $11 for shipping, it may not be the most cost-efficient option, but serious enthusiasts should consider giving this in-season, all-organic cold brew a try.

I personally didn't make it up to Coastar's or Harold's, but after sampling the big chains' coffees and a few online concentrates, I found myself online, punching my computer keyboard for a massive shipment of N.O. Brew. If you do the math, a $5.99 bottle with 13 servings comes out to roughly 50 cents per amazing glass of iced coffee. Compared to a 16-ounce cold brew at Panther ($4.50) or the same size at Coastar's ($4), it's a pretty good deal. Yes, that was me, accepting from the UPS man a giant box containing 11 64-ounce bottles of coffee. Hey, I got free shipping by spending more than $60! And yes, we're only one month into summer, and I just ordered a second shipment. I can quit any time I want, I swear!

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