After midnight, Mary throws the dungeon doors open to the public. It's BYOB. Dudes walk in for $20; shemales and females get free admission. "She­males are my fetish," Mary confides. "I love freaks." So far, the parties have picked up steadily in attendance. Last month, 20 fetishists showed, and Mary expects the numbers to grow.

"The parties are just crazy," says Acid Scott, a bespectacled middle-aged guy who attends faithfully. "And not just fetish stuff. It's like an actual porn movie."

In September, Mary is planning to hold an art opening so the public sees her pieces. Despite her activities in the fetish arena, she still considers herself an artist first.

Scary Mary puts a reporter on the rack.
Kate Maier
Scary Mary puts a reporter on the rack.

"My art still makes more money than being a dominatrix," she says. "Because now my slaves buy my paintings."

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I have know Scary Mary for over 5 years and I think she is fantastic. She has such a love of life and knows how to have fun.  Take a chance and introduce yourself to her.