But then, he looked up, and his expression twisted in alarm. Three cop cars had just rolled up.

Doing this is illegal, apparently.
Zacarias Garcia/zacariasgarciaphoto.com
Doing this is illegal, apparently.

"Oh, man! Here they come!" Prows plunged a finger into his pocket and furtively removed a handcuff key — lest the authorities charge him with another felony. He buried it in the sand and looked back at the cops glaring at him. "As you can tell," he murmured, "they won't stop harassing me." He felt lucky not to have his slackline with him.

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Easy solution: Send this troublemaker to a Chinese "re-education" camp !! Nothing like a Chinese Re-education camp to re-educate the trouble makers in society - especially those who think they can do as they please, say what they like. Let's start re-education camps in Broward - and let the police decide who needs re-educating.


Well, when you keep hiring more and more police officers what do you expect. They will find people to arrest and use that to justify still more police officers. It is how the game is played. It certainly has little to do with public safety. But then in Florida you can carry a concealed weapon, profile a person, confront that person, shoot them dead and walk away a free man with a fat bank account.