With so many Italian restaurants across Fort Lauderdale and South Florida, it can be dizzying to separate the good from the bad. Some elements of La Dolce Vita, such as the name and its location among beachside dives, are suspicious at first glance.

La Dolce Vita doesn't use many ingredients.
La Dolce Vita doesn't use many ingredients.

Location Info


La Dolce Vita

3331 NE 33rd St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Category: Restaurant > Italian

Region: Beaches


La Dolce Vita, 3331 NE 33rd St., Fort Lauderdale; 954-565-5707. Open Monday to Sunday 5 to 10 p.m.

Polenta al tartufo $16

Tortino caciofi e pecorini $15

Chitarrina La Dolce Vita $24

Veal chop $28

Spaghetti cacio e pepe $16

Triple chocolate mousse $8

Yet inside the quaint restaurant is something far too rare for Fort Lauderdale. Its owners care less about buzzy food trends and guessing what people want and more about offering the timeless flavors and dishes they've been cooking and eating all their lives.

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frankd4 topcommenter

zachary, where is the PARKING - you should ALWAYS mention where patrons are to park and what are the restrictions and obstacles such as PREDATORY TOWING operations AND parking violations bureau activity

YOUR OWN newspaper recently published an article of an establishment nearby whos own employees were being attacked with parking tickets issued minutes before a six o'clock deadline - something patrons of this review would also encounter - no ?

after hours parking tickets AND predatory towing ARE actively engaged in the dinner hour in and around FT LIQUORDALE gauging by the tickets issued and cars towed AFTER 5PM

INFORM YOUR READERS of all the obstacles and advise with local knowledge

ANYONE can read about cooking and service in a generalized article - BE SPECIFIC as to the overall real experience locally - not as if you wrote this article from CHICAGO