He delves right into a history lesson on beer on the West Coast. The man is knowledgeable about the past and sees it as a foundation for what he produces.

"I brew my beers on style and to the best they can be. Growing up in Montana, I used to help my family make wine when I was a kid. It was just normal."

As the brewery continues to take shape and features such as the outdoor beer garden (which will house a small lawn for games like bocce or rings) are being built, the team is already preparing to make the company stand out. "We have been and want to continue to give back to the ocean — it's our jewel," says Eaton. "Doing charity work like with Coastal Conservation Association of Florida, it's a marriage of our two passions: beer and the ocean."

The Saltwater Brewery boys: Eaton (left), Gove, Taylor, Agardy, and Jeffers.
The Saltwater Brewery boys: Eaton (left), Gove, Taylor, Agardy, and Jeffers.

Location Info


Saltwater Brewery

1701 W. Atlantic Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Category: Breweries and Wineries

Region: Delray Beach


Saltwater Brewery, 1701 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach. Call 561-450-9519, or visit saltwaterbrewery.com.

So what can be expected of the operation? Signs point to a family-friendly atmosphere with the tasting room being focused on earlier operating hours than a lot of downtown Delray Beach might be used to — think around 10 p.m. for closing hours.

"We could be a starting-off point [for the rest of your evening]," Gove says. Since this is a Florida brewery, food will have to be brought in, and with the plethora of amazing dining establishments and a delivery infrastructure to bring it in, dining opportunities will abound.

Overall, the space will certainly attract the sea of locals that Funky Buddha and Due South see coming in day after day, and with a unique location right off I-95, I can imagine it becoming a hot spot for growler filling in the hours after work is done.

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