Her photographs feature her as the subject, dressed in costumes such as Snow White and Rapunzel, working laboriously in domestic scenes. She shoots the images using a timer, in which she as Snow White is seen doing dishes, a pile spilling over the counter as her back is turned to the viewer. A sense of struggle and an obsession to get it all clean is palpable.

Rupert thoughtfully contrasted her work with Good's: "I see where Francie documents real experiences that women are going through. And you look at my work and my work is very deliberate — these are real problems that these women are going through, but in a very fantastical way," she says.

One Eye, Havana 2012
Francie Bishop Good
One Eye, Havana 2012
A still by Sarah Michelle Rupert
Sarah Michelle Rupert
A still by Sarah Michelle Rupert

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Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

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Francie Bishop Good's "Not on Allen Street" and Sarah Michelle Rupert's "In Search of Ever After," through January 12, at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1650 Harrison St., Hollywood. Visit artandculturecenter.org, or call 954-2921-3274. Entry is $10.

"I think that the domestic space is where we learn our own neuroses," she says. "This expectation that eventually my happy ending will come, and my savior will come, sets us up to fail. [My work critiques] how these companies and organizations are shaping expectations and blurring the lines. 'Is this what I want? Or is this what I was told I wanted?' "

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