"I've been the butt of jokes, been taken away from what I love to do, and made my little girl highly upset." He says the 7-year-old had to go to therapy and would ask her psychologist week after week: "What really happened with Daddy and those two women?"

"They act like they're all angels and I'm the devil, but no one asks what they were doing bringing women back to their places."

Bolaris says he spent three years fighting American Express to get the charges rescinded. He got the money back, but he's learned some lessons along the way. "Make sure you're very aware of your surroundings, leave your credit card at home, and beware of overly friendly people," he says. "And never hang by yourself in Miami."

Subhanna Beyah wants to charm you, even when she's dressed in prison garb and behind glass at the Paul Rein Detention Facility in Pompano Beach. Asked about her case, Beyah laughs like an anime character and almost comes off as shy.

Joseph Laney

But when pressed, she goes full Jedi. "The charges against me are ridiculous," she asserts while lowering her head and glaring with her mesmerizing eyes. "You know what I'm saying?"

Rihanna, Beyah says, is her idol because "she doesn't care what people think about her." Although her skin is pocked with acne after six months behind bars, she tries her best to maintain appearances. For example: Though she was forced to remove a piercing in her left eyebrow, she's found a makeshift, prison-approved replacement in a comb's tooth.

She was born in the Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York and raised by her grandmother, Ameenah Beyah. She has Saudi Arabian roots on her father's side, she says, and is a devout Muslim. She keeps a copy of the Koran in her cell. She doesn't like to talk about herself much, though she says her best attribute is that she "doesn't judge others." She blushes when describing her children, who are 1 and 7 years old.

Beyah paints herself as a music lover. She started a recording business, Diversity Records, in 2011. It was just taking off when, she says, the cops pinned a string of robberies on her — though she had done nothing. She won't name the one artist on her record label's roster for fear of damaging his reputation. Although she's vague, she claims to have worked with some of South Florida's biggest hip-hop stars, including Haitian rapper Billy Blue and the Teflon Don himself, Rick Ross (whose agent, Gabriel Tesoriero, didn't respond to requests for comment).

Although there are no news stories about or social media presence for Diversity Records, Florida state records show Beyah was the owner of a company by that name, which was registered to a hotel suite at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. She has the name of Opa-locka rapper Brisco tattooed on her hand, but she refuses to say why. (Brisco's manager, Jit, has never heard of Beyah or Diversity Records. "She must just be a very big fan," he says after phoning the "Bitch, I'm From Dade County" rapper for confirmation. "As far as we know, that's where it stops.")

Beyah also believes the cops are out to get her ("They think all black people look the same"), the johns aren't innocent ("They act like they're all angels and I'm the Devil, but no one asks what they were doing bringing women back to their places"), and the charges against her are ridiculous ("If I just stole a half a million dollars' worth of jewelry, I'd be in the freakin' South of France!).

Though Beyah is angry that the Broward Sheriff's Office has painted her as a criminal mastermind, her track record proves she's no stranger to the kind of misconduct she's been accused of in South Florida. In 2009, New York police accused her of working with two accomplices and scamming close to 50 men, some of whom were high-powered attorneys and New York University professors. In the end, though, she was convicted only of luring one man to an ATM, watching as he punched in his PIN, and then picking the card from his pocket inside a cab. She served 207 days at Rikers Island.

In 2012, Beyah moved the scam to South Florida. One of her first targets was 33-year-old Sergio Montesinos, who consumed a legendary amount of alcohol July 29. The Spanish national says he began his vacation in Miami at Nikki Beach and drank until 11 p.m. He napped at the Delano Hotel and woke at 2 a.m. to resume the party, popping bottles until almost 11 a.m. at Club Space. Then he stumbled into a taxi that was serendipitously waiting right outside the venue's entrance at NE 11th Street.

Beyah hopped into the cab without asking permission, he later told police. Rather than recoil, Montesinos laughed. She explained she was a Canadian college student on vacation in Florida and rode back to the Delano with him.

Once they arrived, Beyah poured Montesinos a whiskey from the room's minibar. She then told him to take off his watch and get more comfortable. He fell asleep as she began to rub cream on his chest and woke up about an hour later to notice his Daytona Rolex, worth 20,000 euros, missing, along with 2,400 euros in cash that he had stashed in the room's safe. The faceplate of the vault had been ripped clean off. Although cops identified Beyah by a lipstick print left on a glass in the room, the state took no action in the case. Montesinos never got his watch or his cash back.

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