"It was a lesson to say, 'Don't be in Miami with your lovely Rolex showing off and ordering bottles,' " Montesinos warns. "In my country I can do that, but obviously you cannot in Miami."

He lifts a golf polo shirt to show the gun he carries on his right hip.

It was around this time when Beyah apparently met Ryan Elkins, a 23-year-old Staten Island native with no residual accent and no remorse. She was born the daughter of a New York City Police detective named Jeff and began sneaking out of the house to party at age 16.

She was brainwashed by a pimp named Prince, her parents say. In July 2011, she traveled to Miami as part of a rehabilitation program for sex-trafficked youths. It didn't work. Elkins had a son with Prince in June 2012.

Joseph Laney

Elkins began stealing Rolexes soon after. Her first attempt did not go as planned.

In September 2012, Ryan Elkins and another woman met two brothers, Steve and Conrad Mitchell, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. The men, who lived in Aventura, suggested they get a room at the Hyatt in Dania Beach. There, Elkins tried to give Steve a massage. As he lay on the bed, she suggested he take off his Rolex. When he refused multiple times, Elkins removed it without asking and placed it on a nearby nightstand.

After a short while, she stopped abruptly and claimed she needed something to eat. She ran out of the room. Moments later, Steve noticed his watch was gone and chased after her, past his brother and the other woman, who were sitting on a couch in the living room. Cops caught up with Elkins in front of a nearby hotel and threw her into a patrol car with the other woman, who had stayed behind at the Hyatt.

"Don't worry," Elkins told her, according to the police report. "They've got nothing on us. Just don't say anything. They won't find anything."

"When they run my name, they'll find out I'm here illegally," said the other woman, who was never charged with a crime.

Elkins felt a twinge of guilt. "If we give back the watch, will you let my friend go?" she asked the cops before removing it from her vagina. She was released on $5,000 bond and failed to show up at court hearings afterward.

"As a parent, it's a sad, sad story," Ryan Elkins' father told New Times before declining to comment further, claiming emotional exhaustion.

Soon, Elkins and Beyah began working as a team in Fort Lauderdale, records show. They trolled a strip of upscale lounges on Las Olas Boulevard. A victim — who asked not to be named or even described in this story for fear of professional embarrassment — remembers meeting them at YOLO one night in February 2013 around 10 p.m.

He noticed Beyah when she was being rude to the bartender. "Be a little more civil," he remembers imploring her before she apologized. She and Elkins sidled up to him and began chatting, he says. He had been drinking since 6 that night, he says, and his brain was already a little cloudy.

Eventually, an employee at YOLO stopped the man on his way out of the bathroom. "Be careful," the employee said. "I think those girls are hookers."

So upon sitting back down, he straight-up asked them: "Hey, are you guys hookers?"

His question was met with laughter. Beyah bought her soon-to-be victim a cocktail. "Hookers don't buy drinks," she said as she placed it on the bar.

Apparently convinced, he took the women back to his place nearby after stopping to pick up an expensive bottle of champagne on the way. Beyah poured drinks. Her victim took only a sip or two before she crashed on his bed and Elkins retreated to the bathroom. When Elkins came out, she was naked. She pulled her target into the shower, and the two began kissing.

"I didn't have sex with her, but I felt her up," he recalls.

Next thing he knew, he felt woozy. He remembers Beyah and Elkins saying they needed to get something from their car and they'd be right back.

He woke up several times throughout the night. At one point, he noticed his $25,000 Rolex Daytona was missing from his wrist. Still, he was practically paralyzed. It took a few hours for him to realize his $14,500 Rolex Explorer II was gone as well. He called police, who showed up around 4 a.m., but then slept through their arrival. He would ultimately be knocked out for almost 20 hours.

After being swindled for almost 40 grand, the man says he won't look at hook-up culture the same way again. "I took an introspective sort of look at myself and stopped drinking for a while," he says. "I needed to reevaluate things."

He can understand why others are reluctant to cooperate with police. "It's an embarrassing thing," he says. "All my friends know."

This past June, Beyah met Shaun Rogers, a 34-year-old defensive tackle for the New York Giants who earns $433,000 a year, at the Fontainebleau nightclub LIV, according to police.

The two partied until the early hours of the morning and then headed to nearby Jerry's Deli with a posse of Rogers' friends. The group ended up back at the athlete's hotel room around 7 a.m. That's where, police say, Beyah drugged her victim and opened the room's safe.

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YOLO is the place that the now Capt Francis Sousa of Fort Lauderdale police was in charge of the security detail, why did he allow prostitutes to work there? Is this the same guy that helped LeVin get out of his DUI then LeVin struck and killed two people on the sidewalk on A1A & Las Olas, how corrupt is Fort Lauderdale police department? 


"Prostitutes Steal Millions and Walk Free"

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Sandra Strickland

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Dino MacabreEnt

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