The next month, Clark emailed Estabrook a picture of the addition he'd made to his tattoo: "Forever died," dripping in blood, underneath the original text.

"Dana always said she'd be with me forever," he explains. "But when she left, forever died."

According to police documents, Estabrook interpreted the tattoo as a threat to her life and claimed Clark threatened homicide. She filed for a restraining order, which permanently bans him from going within 500 feet of her residence in North Miami.

Jansik and Estabrook: Life imitating art.
Courtesy of Wally Clark
Jansik and Estabrook: Life imitating art.

Last May, Clark began venting his frustrations on a WordPress blog, where he posts sections of The Pornmakers, a serialized novel about the indecent proposal. He also became vengeful and filed complaints to get Jansik's medical license revoked. (The Board of Chiropractic Medicine found no probable cause to do so.)

That month, Estabrook sent a letter to Judge Jacqueline Schwartz about Clark's WordPress site, which includes seminude photos of Estabrook, and his latest attempt at revenge. "These articles are very disturbing and troubling to me, and I'm writing you so that you're aware of his most recent actions. I realize that the First Amendment allows freedom of speech, but these articles are filled with lies and obsessive and angry thoughts," Estabrook wrote.

The chiropractor sued his former buddy for invasion of privacy over the site. In January, Jansik filed for his own restraining order, which prevents the reporter from going within 500 feet of the chiropractor's home in Miami Springs and eight local businesses he frequents. The Gazette office is less than 0.2 miles from five of them and 446 feet from a banned SunTrust branch.

Rather than back down, Clark lashed out again, this time in a January 9 installment of "Out of Sync" titled "Getting Even Can Make Your Day." His Gazette column about divorce ends, "Whew! Just thinking about revenge gets me so excited that I need a cold shower and a nap. Sometimes realizing what I could do to get even makes my day."

Jansik refused to comment about the WordPress site or the lawsuit, stating only that Clark is an "assassin of character." Estabrook also declined to speak in-depth. "This whole thing is a nightmare," she said. "This is not my life or who I am. I just want it to go away."

But Clark refuses to let that happen. As a 73-year-old man, he says, there's nothing to hide. Getting the truth out is his profession, and the restraining orders have prevented him from earning a living. Without a job, he doesn't have much else to do but focus on revenge. "However long I live, if I don't do something, that restraining order will be there," he says. "I will never let it go."

Daley, the Gazette's editor, says that Clark "has done a fine job" for the paper and that he could still write his column, but the restraining orders "could be a problem if he doesn't have the access that he has had in the past. We have to sort of monitor that."

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