Me: 50's, black pants, green Scottish windbreaker, mustache, grey hair, great smile. On an electric cart (bad back). The seductive fifties.

Us: you cross my path a first time by entrance to veggies (I notice you; too young). You cross my path a second time, smiling, by the bananas (I gauge you; gorgeous... wish I was younger). You block my path a third time, smiling, by the strawberries (Darn! Could it be she likes me?). Then you're gone. You reappear by the O.J. I say to you "me agaaaain!"

This 56-year-old M4W was simply eating dinner in a fine establishment connected to the Seminole Hard Rock.

Big and tasty.
Photo via Craigslist
Big and tasty.
The seductive 50s.
Photo via Craigslist
The seductive 50s.

Saw you at Hooter's with your boyfriend/husband and friends. You were checking me out checking you out... I hope that man of yours takes good care of you because if you were with me... If you want to fool around or maybe have a little sexting fun, hit me up. Tell me what I was eating while I was thinking about eating you.

Last, there's this 50-year-old M4W searching for a lady whose caboose he had observed.

You were chasing a guy in a car. You had on a jacket, but not much else! What a sweet ass, and nice tan. You looked at me and smiled when you realized what you had shown me, and pulled the jacket down around your rump. You might be a little crazy, but get back to me. I won't make you chase my car.

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