Jessica wrote Erica a message: "to be honest you my dawg i fucks witchu 1000. ima miss you."

The distance separating Erica and Patricia was difficult. "I'm now surrounded by a bunch of old ass people that look like they gon drop dead any minute," Erica wrote in a Facebook post.

But her new address meant she was only minutes from the Paul Rein Detention Center, where her father awaits trial.

From left: Lanel Singleton, 18, Dwight Henry, 17, and Jayvon Woolfork, 19, have all been charged with two counts of armed sexual battery and await trial.
Photos from Broward Sheriff's Office
From left: Lanel Singleton, 18, Dwight Henry, 17, and Jayvon Woolfork, 19, have all been charged with two counts of armed sexual battery and await trial.
A Facebook profile of one of the teenaged friends.
A Facebook profile of one of the teenaged friends.

On October 19, less than two weeks before that early November night in the small yellow house, Patricia and Erica posed for a picture in front of that prison. In the photograph, the girls' arms are crossed. They wear matching black tank tops and blue jeans. A cigarette hangs from Patricia's mouth. The picture materialized on Facebook, where Patricia wrote, "#FreeMyDaddy. We miss you forreal. #FuckTheLaw. Erica, I love you babygirl. FOREVER & ALWAYS."

On November 2, Hollywood Police crowded around a bed inside Joe DiMaggio's Children Hospital. Before them lay 16-year-old Jessica, who was "in and out of consciousness" and had "massive facial injuries," "extreme swelling to both her eyes," and "blood coming from her left ear." She was heavily sedated on pain medication, and it wasn't until midnight that her thoughts were lucid enough to state what happened the night before.

"She looked like Rocky Balboa times ten," says Fred Minaya, 20, the friend who had dropped her off that night. "I broke down. We all did."

Hours later, as Jessica wept in bed, she described a night of horrors. According to the statement she gave police, she tried to escape the house, but Dwight Henry, the 17-year-old with the gold streak in his Afro, shouted, "If you leave, I'm going to fuck you up!" Then he and the other four teenagers dragged her into a bedroom and began removing her clothing.

"You better fuck him," she said Patricia, then Erica, hissed at her. "You better fuck him."

They laid her down on the bed. Dwight Henry and Lanel Singleton held down her arms. Patricia and Erica pinned her legs and spread them. Jessica saw a condom flash in the faint light. And then, Jessica told police, Jayvon Woolfork, who until that moment had only minor burglary convictions on his record, raped her. It lasted five to ten minutes.

Q. After they raped you, did they say anything else to you?

A. They called me a dirty asshole.

Q. Called you a dirty asshole?

A. They were constantly calling me names. They told me to get the fuck out of there, and they spit on me. Erica spit on me, to be exact. On my hair.

They allowed Jessica to leave, but without her shoes. Around 3 a.m., Jessica was found by her mother's friend stumbling barefoot through the streets she once haunted with Erica and Patricia. Both her eyes were swollen shut.

"What happened?" the friend asked. "What happened?"

"They just raped me!" she sobbed.

He brought her to her grandmother's house nearby, a cluttered and cigarette-smoke-clogged affair on a leafy, suburban street. They ran a hot shower for her and called the cops.

The next day, after Jessica had identified her attackers by their Facebook profiles, several squad cars pulled up to Patricia's house, where they found and arrested Patricia and Erica. Patricia's father handed over his daughter's iPhone, which was covered in decorative glitter. Police had never seen anything like what they found on the phone.

A video showed two blond girls delivering several punches to Jessica's face until her eyes swelled shut. "They are observed stating 'suck his dick, bitch,' several times," states the police synopsis of the clip, which Broward County Circuit Court has now sealed. "The victim stated she would comply if they stopped hitting her. The defendants are observed forcibly taking off the victim's clothes while telling her she has to 'fuck' him. The victim eventually told them she will do what they wanted if they stopped battering her."

That same day, police obtained a search warrant and rummaged through the yellow house. In the backyard, they found Jessica's white metal loop earrings in the grass and her belly ring on a patio chair. They also came upon a stolen gold Jaguar, stripped of parts, and a black backpack that contained three handguns, ammunition, and "miscellaneous drug paraphernalia."

The girls confessed to police they had savaged Jessica but denied they had removed her clothing or forced her to have sex. The boys, arrested on November 3, also claimed rape didn't occur that night. They say Jessica's story doesn't add up.

At 8 a.m. on a Friday, Jayvon Woolfork quivered inside his orange tunic at Broward County Main Jail. He was near tears, shaking, grabbing at his dreadlocks as though those tangles held some clue that would lead to his freedom. But Woolfork wasn't going anywhere, and he knew it.

"I can't even believe this is happening right now. People have always said I'm full of love. I'm happy. I'm goofy," whispered the 19-year-old, who departed his hometown near Naples to live with his sister in Hollywood after their mother's death last January. He never graduated high school but said he came to South Florida wanting to make something of himself. He had thought about opening a restaurant, maybe Bahamian. He said he knew a guy "from the islands" who could help. But now? "My face is destroyed. People who don't even know me will think I'm a monster."

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