"It depends on what kind of criticism," he says. "If it's very mean and pisses me off, like if you start involving my family, then I get very upset.

"Haters talk shit every day," he says. "Like with Lana Del Ray. Her pure, diehard fans are insulting me because they think I ruined her song by making her music popular, and they want it to be their little secret. C'mon. Give me a fucking break."

If Gervais is angry, it's good timing. He pulls his black Range Rover up behind the 5th Street Gym. He heads here every day to box and lift weights. Gervais wraps his fists and steps into the ring with Olympic hopeful Niko Valdes. The 20-year-old gamely dodges the DJ's punches while throwing enough of his own to give Gervais a workout.

Gervais, ready to strike.
Michael E. Miller
Gervais, ready to strike.

"He's number four in the country," Gervais pleads with owner and coach Dino Spencer.

"But you're the number one DJ," Spencer jokes. "Come on, hit him! He listens to Swedish House Mafia!"

After the bout is over, Gervais works out his legs while checking his email. "Wow," he says, staring at his iPhone. "I just won my lawsuit against Cash Money." The hip-hop label owes him money — "hundreds of thousands," he says — for sampling "Molly" without paying him.

As he slips out of the sweaty air and back into his SUV, Gervais says that despite his incredible drive, he doesn't want to DJ forever. He estimates he's lost 20 percent of his hearing over the years, and touring has cost him romantic relationships too.

"Traveling is very hard on a DJ," he says. "The day that I'm satisfied, I'm going to stop. I'm not going to be a Tiësto. I'm not going to be a guy 45 years old still DJing."

Back inside his house, Gervais' grandparents are watching The Dog Whisperer on Nat Geo Wild. Wanda sets out a plate of turkey and cauliflower for Cedric, but he heads back into the studio to work on "Hashtag."

"This is my moment," he says. "This is the time to work hard. Everybody has their eyes on me. If I think I've made it, then it's all over. But if I tell myself that I haven't done anything yet, it drives me."

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At least you could spell correctly the name of the person that made you famous: her name is LANA DEL REY not RAY! You made famous a song that was on 3,5 mil. albums sold ww when you made the remix?! Yea right! You made famous DEL REY?! No boy, you just made her known to the lobotomized edm fans of yours. Nobody, except the dance monkeys, listen to your version of the song which is far inferior to the original which has 140 mil views on youtube. So, don't speak ever again about the goddess, you are not worthy!