A normal day balloons to epic proportions in Zayden's hands. A lazy Sunday? He gasses up the boat, calls up his captain, and bullets around the water on Jet-Skis and jet packs. A shift at work? When he's at his business, Art Express, he's as likely to help customers design rooms as to jump up on a table, rip off his shirt, and pose beside oil-painted gladiators. And charity? Like many well-heeled South Beachers, he cuts checks to groups like the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and he constantly rolls down the window to fork $20s to panhandlers.

"We would be in bed at 3 in the morning and these huge bodyguards would come and throw me in the back of a limousine."

"Me," he explains, "I'm 90 percent crazy and 10 percent work."

Now, it's photo time. Anwar pulls out a digital camera and beckons the mother-daughter duo to the rail. Both women automatically pop fashion-spread poses as the sun-polished glass towers of Brickell peel by.

Anna and Anwar enjoy lazy Sundays out on his boat.
Courtesy of Anwar Zayden
Anna and Anwar enjoy lazy Sundays out on his boat.
He is known for making outrageous entrances, like when he bolted into Thomas Kramer's 50th-birthday party on horseback.
Courtesy of Anwar Zayden
He is known for making outrageous entrances, like when he bolted into Thomas Kramer's 50th-birthday party on horseback.

"Oh baby," Anwar purrs, as the bright blue eyes in Anna's doll face sparkle at the camera. "I don't know if I'm just a great photographer or if you're just so beautiful."

"It's a team effort," Anna replies.

Zayden likes taking pictures of his life. But he's not one to broadcast his exploits to the world. He can barely send a text. Photos, he says, were mysteriously cribbed from his Facebook page, then began showing up online. He learned he was an internet phenomenon only after being recognized on the street by a stranger.

He went online to investigate. "People were saying, 'Oh look at this guy — he must be gay or something,' " Anwar recalls, an unlit Marlboro in his lips. "Then people who knew me got on there and were like, 'Hey, we know Anwar! He's gotten more pussy in one day than other people in their whole life!' "

This last bit is barked out in a boast, but he then pensively swings his eyes around. Girlfriend's mom is onboard. Better be careful.

Anwar is amused by his growing net celebrity. Being recognized — it's happening more and more. Just the other day, three guys at the gym stopped Anwar and asked why he hadn't been posting pictures lately.

"The guys were sweet. They said, 'We sit at our desks at work and live our life through you.' "

Compared to the supersized monstrosities nearby, Anwar's two-story Mediterranean home on Pine Tree Drive in Miami Beach is modest. He scooped up the 1941 property for a discount $338,000 in 1990; it has since gone from crumbling eyesore into a marble and columned $1.2 million spread swallowed by lush foliage and walled away from the street.

Mirrors hang everywhere — in the trees along the circular drive, beside the black Range Rover and white Rolls-Royce sitting under a carport, taking up the entire wall near the front double doors.

Anna answers the door. A few steps across the marble floor afford a view of the backyard: an S-shaped pool, a massive tiki hut, a dinner table set for eight, the 55-footer bobbing in Indian Creek. There's dive equipment — Anwar often straps on some tanks and dives for his own oysters and lobsters right in the Intracoastal Waterway.

On every inch of indoor wall space, every spot of free tabletop, and even on portions of the marble floor, there are framed photos — of Anwar.

Anwar sitting in the cockpit of an experimental jet fighter. Firing an M16. Standing next to a helicopter. Astride a Harley-Davidson, a beautiful woman wrapped around his back. Gripping two huge lobsters. Airborne in a jet pack. Here, he's landing a full-length leg kick on an MMA opponent's head. There's his flexed back in the gym, the jagged deltoids looking like a craggy satellite snapshot of Kandahar. And those are just in the kitchen.

Then there are the pictures where Anwar shares the frame with familiar faces: Sly Stallone, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, George H.W. Bush, Shaq, Don Johnson, the other dude from Miami Vice, Ronald Reagan, Paris Hilton, Rob Lowe, Alex Rodriguez, Oliver Stone, Al Pacino, David Lee Roth, Barry Gibb, Rush Limbaugh, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Caine. He's helped decorate their homes and partied with them at clubs and charity events. Chances are, if you've spent any time behind the VIP rope in Miami, you've spotted Anwar.

"I've got pictures all up and down my staircase, and I change them all the time," he says. "You know you wake up in the morning and you're not feeling great, bro? I just walk down the stairs, and by the time I'm done, I feel great because I'm looking at all the good times with my friends."

Promoter Tommy Pooch was South Beach's best-known nightlife player during the '90s. But back in 1992, he was a newbie in town when he first stumbled into one of Anwar's house parties.

"It was like a Viking feast," Pooch recalls. "This was the nicest home I had ever seen, coming from Brooklyn. Everything was dripping in marble, gold leaf everything. There were giant steaks, the most expensive wines."

Despite the fact that they had never met before, when Pooch left the party, Anwar gave him a signed Salvador Dalí lithograph. Not long after, a bunch of delivery guys rolled into Pooch's place bearing an eight-foot mirror. Another gift from Anwar.

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