Hours later, Johnsen walked into the Miami Beach Police headquarters claiming Anwar had raped her.

When confronted by police, Anwar said the tryst was consensual. Regardless, he was tossed in jail for 12 days before posting bond. Anwar was charged with rape and kidnapping. The front page of the Miami Herald's metro section blared: "Facing Charges: The Former 'Mr. Love 94.' "

Eventually, though, witnesses poked holes in Johnsen's story. The case crumbled, and charges were dropped. Anwar filed a wrongful arrest lawsuit in federal court against the department; it was settled in 2004 for an undisclosed amount. That year, Johnsen sued comedian Bill Maher for $9 million after the two had a fling. She claimed that Maher had promised to marry her and that their breakup damaged her career. The suit was thrown out of court.

Anwar landed a number of modeling gigs thanks to an ad campaign for "Mr. Love 94."
Courtesy of Anwar Zayden
Anwar landed a number of modeling gigs thanks to an ad campaign for "Mr. Love 94."
Along with his framing business, the modeling work let him pursue his unique hobbies.
Courtesy of Anwar Zayden
Along with his framing business, the modeling work let him pursue his unique hobbies.

Even today, with 17 years stacked between now and then, Anwar still feels the burn of the incident.

"It's the shame of it," he says. "When you do something bad and you walk away from it, you say, 'OK, I won't do it again.' But when you haven't done a fucking thing and you know you're the complete opposite of what you were accused of, you still never know what people are going to think now. There are times in my life, things I've gone through, where it would probably have been better to be dead."

Even after having motored around Miami for four decades, Anwar still gets lost. He'll drive to Lincoln Road, park, then forget where the car is. He'll forget to fill the Range Rover up with gas. His employees all keep gas cans in their cars just in case. Today, for example. The car crapped out on the way to Art Express. He called a cab to take him the rest of the way.

In pointed leather boots, studded jeans, and a black sleeveless T that shows off his ham-hock arms, Anwar now watches one of his guys unroll a large canvas. "This probably costs around $120,000," he says. But he's hesitant to sell the painting. "It has a lot of sentimental value."

The high walls of Art Express are covered with pictures — abstract splotches, realist landscapes, Renaissance fake-outs — in beautiful frames. Along a back wall, more shots of Anwar with celebrity company.

"I've worked at a lot of places, and our 'slow' is 'crazy busy' for other galleries," says Jason Watson. With seven years in the store, he's still the new guy. Most of Anwar's employees have been with him for decades.

One — a beautiful blond with a smile that could signal away low-flying aircraft — had come in one day with her aunt, a regular customer. The girl was looking for a job, the aunt mentioned.

"Well, what are you doing on that side of the counter, then?" Anwar says, relaying the story. "Get over here and help me sell your aunt something."

"We all learn from him," says Vladimir Fernandez, who's had 30 years with Anwar. "He treats the work all the same, from one lady in a little apartment to Sylvester Stallone's house. And if he sees someone doesn't have enough money, he'll lower his prices without telling them."

"I swear on my mother's life," Anwar affirms.

Sales dipped with the recession, but Anwar didn't slash positions or drop salaries. "The people that were more comfortable, they needed the money less, he would lower the amount of work they got a week," Fernandez explains. "The people who needed more money, he brought their work up."

Anwar insists that he's a self-made man and that his money comes from running a solid business, not from investing. "I've had offers to make the business into a chain, open a hundred stores," he says. "But I thought, Not with someone else's money."

His brush with the law shifted him out of the fast lane. After spending years guzzling booze, now he doesn't touch the stuff. He became a devoted gym rat, burying the waifish male model of yesteryear under layers of bulging muscle.

"I get more attention walking on the beach and on my bicycle than I do in my Rolls-Royce," he says. "I try to stay in shape and look decent because the day a woman is in bed with me because of my money and not me, I want to throw up."

Now, the canvas is fully unfurled. The picture shows, in the same twilight tones and high detail you'd find in a neoclassical art gallery, two white stallions facing off. Below, a pair of muscular gladiators hold the ­respective reins, one with long blond hair, the other with long dark hair. The latter is Anwar.

"The other guy is my buddy; he's a racecar driver," Anwar explains. "I trained him for two months so we would be in shape to model. Afterwards, he told me, 'Anwar, we've got to do another painting. I never got so many girls as when we were training for that.' "

Anwar beams at his likeness. "I've made the most boring business ever into the most exciting business ever."

The LegendofAnwar Instagram includes a picture of the shirtless hero gawking over the same oil painting. It's art imitating life imitating art.

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