The caption reads: "Look I paint these last night. Is Anwar and Horse. I tell you meaning. You look you see struggle to keep horse no fight each other. These like Anwar life. Lady always try fight for Anwar love. Anwar no want Lady heart. I good. I give sex and company. No love. These painting show."

The snapshot has pulled 97 likes. "Anwar you are a true man and I can learn many things from you," reads one comment from a genuine admirer. "Hopefully one day we run into each other in Miami."

Turns out, Anwar's rise to internet fame began with, an online shooting gallery of shit talk and slut-shaming that's been around since 2007.

Anwar landed a number of modeling gigs thanks to an ad campaign for "Mr. Love 94."
Courtesy of Anwar Zayden
Anwar landed a number of modeling gigs thanks to an ad campaign for "Mr. Love 94."
Along with his framing business, the modeling work let him pursue his unique hobbies.
Courtesy of Anwar Zayden
Along with his framing business, the modeling work let him pursue his unique hobbies.

On this site, visitors upload photos — of celebrities and civilians — and an unruly mob of internet commentators takes aim. Mostly, it features Z-list celebs, wannabe ballers, bad Jessica Rabbit-esque plastic surgery, and gold diggers. (Recent posts: "Nicole Is Nothing but a Fake," "Helen Sharp Needs to Wake Up," "Dirty Sloot Sticks in Anything She Can"). Nik Richie, founder of the site, has been a target for numerous lawsuits and a couple of on-air scoldings from Dr. Phil. He has even become a minor celebrity, having appeared on several reality shows both alone and with his wife, Shayne Lamas, a former Bachelor contestant.

Richie says pictures of Anwar were uploaded to his site anonymously, apparently by someone who'd seen Anwar's Facebook page.

At first the typical response to pics of Anwar was "What a flaming cocksman — what a fruit fly."

"But," says Richie, "as more and more pictures came in, they were like, 'Damn, this guy is for real.' "

"As a straight male, I would have no problem joining those girls in giving Anwar an amazing rub down," wrote one commenter, under a shot of Anwar lying face-down with a cigar in his mouth on a massage table as five women in bathing suits work on his back.

"I'm so intrigued I showed my husband who is twice my age... He was also intrigued and seriously couldn't stop laughing," said another reader, under a shot of Anwar standing by a rushing waterfall.

"I work a sh*tty low end job making 25k a year. But Anwar gives me hope for some reason," writes another user, this time under a shot of Anwar swimming with dolphins. "Anwar if you read this, thank you for making me smile everyday."

Due to thedirty nation's response to Anwar, Richie started the Legend­ofAnwar Instagram last December.

"He's a legend to my fan base," Richie says. "People look at him like he's a mythical god."

Richie began grabbing real-life snapshots of Anwar being Anwar from his Facebook, then narrating them in the cartoonishly broken English of an oversexed superhero playboy.

Anwar "has that different quality that you can't fake," Richie says. "And that's really hard to show, because the internet is fake. Most people are lying, putting up pictures to get attention or friends. Anwar doesn't. He just wants to live his life."

Ironically, Richie himself turned to Anwar's magic when his own life crashed. In February, his wife was rushed to a hospital in L.A., 20 weeks pregnant with the couple's second child. Due to complications, the baby was lost. Lamas nearly died.

Sitting in the intensive-care unit with his wife while she was in a medically induced coma, looking for a distraction, Richie mentally climbed inside his outrageous Anwar persona. "I started writing what Anwar would say," he explains. "It gave me a little bit of escape."

Swinging around an erection the size of a garden hose, an agitated white Paso Fino is angrily dancing on two legs. ­Under the frantic horse's shadow, a 16-year-old boy is inches from feeling the hooves clobber down on his face. Everyone in the yard at Hacienda Guadalupe, a quiet ranch out on the western edge of Kendall, goes slow-mo.

Then Anwar, dressed in knee-high leather boots and a black sports jacket, bolts over, pushing the 900-pound animal back into the air before grabbing hold of the red reins and easing the creature down.

"The legs were a quarter of a centimeter from my son's head!" the teen's mom, Gema Sanz, later cries. "He would have been dead. But Anwar jumped in!"

Weeks later, Anwar is back at the ranch, stroking the hide of the same white horse. A smile breaks onto his lips. "He has a big dick," Anwar reports before laughing.

Today is not for heroics but for pictures. Anna is up on a pony, trotting figure eights through the grass yard. Anwar fires away with his digital camera. "Oh baby, you look so beautiful. God bless America," he coos.

Between snaps, Anwar takes a moment to chew on the future. "My dream is to one day own a ranch like this with horses and her," he says nodding to his girl, "and tons of babies." He waits a beat before nodding to Anna's mother, Elena. "If that's OK with you." Mom bursts out in laughter.

Snapshots will eventually worm their way onto the Instagram account. Anwar doesn't care. Richie contacted him once and asked for permission to use the images. He's amused. Anwar says, "As long as he isn't disrespectful of women, why not share your life with other people? It's fun."

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