For a sweet ending, instead of a cloying sweet strip of baklava, the sakiz pudding extends the escape to the Mediterranean for one more dish. A unique Turkish dessert, it's made with a liqueur produced from the resin of the country's native mastic tree. The custardy treat is firm and creamy — more pana cotta that pudding — with a notably pine-like aroma and served with a spackling of fresh-ground cinnamon ($6).

It's only fitting to end a meal at A La Turka with a Turkish coffee, Unal insists. Finely ground beans are boiled in a special pot known as an ibrik, and the drink is delivered in a small, shiny metal cup. Often served with sugar, the single shot of strong, rich brew is reminiscent of Cuban coffee. The hint of spice and slightly grainy texture from unsettled grounds as they make their way to the rim of the cup give it an undeniably exotic twist.

Smile! It's the falafel platter.
Smile! It's the falafel platter.

Location Info


A La Turca Turkish Restaurant

1848 Harrison St.
Hollywood, FL 33020

Category: Restaurant > Mediterranean

Region: Hollywood


A La Turca Turkish Restaurant, 1848 Harrison St. in Hollywood. Call 954-925-5900, or visit

Meze (small plates) $5-$13

Döner Iskender plate $19

Falafel platter $15

Sakiz pudding $6

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"If you're looking for a true taste of Turkey, A La Turca is the closest you'll get without the trip," says Unal.

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Russia spans the same two continents as Turkey.


For another good Balkan restaurant check out La Fontana in North Palm Beach, the family that owns it is from Bosnia, and serves Cevipe, Burek, fresh Lepinje, and more.


I would gladly drive from Miami to Hollywood FL just to eat their Adana Kebap. It is extraordinary, the best I have ever eaten; exceeded only by the delicious "Kunefe" dessert, a specially prepared treat requiring a ten minute wait but worth every minute. Also the prices are reasonable and the wait staff is very friendly (my elderly mother thanks you Mauricio for coming out of the restaurant just to open her car door as we were leaving).  Easy three and a half stars in my book.