Bowe: I remember someone calling on the phone, "Is Iggy there? Can I speak to him, please?" So I walk down and say, "Is Iggy here?" No, no. So I say to Mike Toms [former manager], "Do we have a customer here called Iggy?" He's like, "If she calls again, you just always say, 'No, he's not here.' " And I asked who we were talking about, and he said, "Iggy Pop," and I'm like, "Yeah, whatever."

"Well, when I lit myself on fire, the sound guy told me that I was banned for life," Chuck Loose says. "Then I rode a motorcycle on the stage."

Loose: One night, Iggy Pop came poppin' in. It was just another random punk show. So a murmur started going through the crowd, like, "Dude! Iggy Pop! Iggy Pop! Iggy Pop!" He just came up to the bar, and he ordered a Coke, and he was chillin' out. Of course, though, everybody had to go up to him and say, "Oh my God, you changed my life, man!" And I think he got a little annoyed with it after a while. He didn't seem uncomfortable, just maybe a little dismayed, as if he didn't expect the place to be packed with so many punk-rock fanboys.

Toth: When they had the Real World on Miami Beach, they decided to come over here and film one of the episodes. They show up, and of course, the guy in Kreamy 'Lectric Santa plays bass naked. At the door, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa had a friend who was called Punch, who was kind of a homeless guy. I guess he got his name because he smelled so bad that it felt like you got punched in the face when you saw him. So I walked up to Punch and I said, "Punch, make sure you charge these people from MTV when they come here, and instead of $5, charge them $10 as MTV people." So they come here, and they can't get shit because it's just too crazy, and they can't put the stuff on TV. So in the end, all they got was like one five-second clip of the band ending. They didn't talk about Churchill's.

Churchill's Pub owner Dave Daniels with 
his beloved double-decker bus.
Miami New Times photo archive
Churchill's Pub owner Dave Daniels with his beloved double-decker bus.
Owner Dave Daniels behind the bar.
Miami New Times photo archive
Owner Dave Daniels behind the bar.

Location Info


Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33137

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Central Dade


Churchill's is also known as a place to watch international soccer. In 1996, U2 even stopped by while recording in town — not to play but to watch the English FA Cup Final.

Bowe: Mr. C even charged U2 to get in for a soccer game about 14 years ago.

Mr. C, Churchill's doorman: In England, we're big into football. You know, what you Yanks call soccer.

Daniels: The match was Liverpool versus Manchester United, and U2 was supporting Man U because Roy Keane, who is Irish, was playing for them.

Mr. C: The English Cup Final is like our Super Bowl. So Bono and the boys decided to spend that special day at Churchill's with us.

Daniels: We'd had a phone call from the band's people during the week. And someone asked, "Will you be showing the game?" And we said, "Yes." They asked, "Will it be possible for U2 to have a VIP section?" And we said, "Umm, no. It's not that sort of place."

Mr. C: Yes, the VIP room, in those days, was the back patio with a bunch of fuckin' chickens. So we caught all the birds and fixed it up real nice.

Loose: What? There's a VIP section?

Daniels: Anyway, they didn't commit to coming. But it was a 10 a.m. game, and about 9, the group, some modelesque girls, and a bunch of hangers-on arrived. But I think it had been Bono's birthday the night before, and they'd been partying all night. So they were fucked up.

Mr. C: We used to charge $20 to come in. You got free breakfast and a free pint. I'm on the door, and we're always expectin' a couple of hundred people. But I had been told that U2 were comin', and I wanted to know, "Do I charge them?" And the answer was, "Absolutely." So I'm out there takin' the money when a big yellow taxi pulls up and a manager type says, "What's goin' on?" And I say, "It's $20." And he says, "You do know this is Bono and Edge of U2?" And I say, "All right. Well, I'm Mr. C. And it's still $20." He's trying to haggle. But in the meantime, Bono had walked up, and he said in his real Irish accent, not the fake one: "For fuck's sake, just pay the man." And they handed over the $100 for their whole party.

Bowe: They came in and they ended up having to sit on the back patio in the little alcove, with a canopy over the television so they could see it.

Daniels: In the end, U2's team, Manchester United, did win, one to nil. But Eric Cantona, who is French, scored. So they weren't entirely happy.

Mr. C: At the time, we didn't have a liquor license. So one lad who also supported Man U ran out and bought some vodka. And I got to share a shot with the U2 boys.

At Churchill's, you might meet a rock star, but you also might have a gun pulled on you in the middle of a raucous noise set. And that same guy might even end up being a future friend.

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Pretty obvious why Rat Bastard is one of the worst bands. They don't even know a band's history but claim they do. Cindy Deats was in a band with Scott known as "India I love You" and was never known as Marilyn Manson. 

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