With Churchill's spiritually dying at the same time, have you ever considered doing something with a bar or something a little less strapped to the all-ages concept?

I'm open to anything at this point. It's just that I'm so busy trying to get the fuck out of here that I can't even communicate with people. I have so much shit in here that I have to organize and get rid of. The thing I want to do most is maintain this live internet thing, because I still think it's got potential because it's what put me on the map. And I really want to use this as a business model to launch franchises because I still believe in my heart that this would be a very cool franchise for somebody to open.

I would like to think that I could do all-ages, but that probably won't pay the bills, so it would be a combination of the both. Maybe just do an all-ages thing and have my bigger shows somewhere else. To tell you the truth, I really don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I really gotta just step back for a few weeks and clear my head of all the emotion and things that I want to do and figure out what's best for me as a person.

I know there's a long list of collaborators that helped make the Talent Farm remain viable over the years...

You know, John McHale... I would've been done a long time ago if it wasn't for John. I've got Veronica guarding the door and Lucas... You know I finally got a good fuckin' crew, where I could stay home every once in a while and know that the show was running on time and things were good, and this shit happens!

You know I'm going to shout-out John because he's just a beast. But especially all of the people that came here and didn't fuck up the place in one way or another by drinking in the parking lot or doing stupid shit in the venue, because that's 99 percent of the people. It's that 1 percent that fucked it up for everybody.

You once told me that after you sold your business, you were planning on either building the Talent Farm or buying a Ferrari. With all that has transpired, the multiple generations of bands, so many notable shows, and such an unpleasant end, are you happy with your decision?

Yeah. Oh yeah! Absolutely. You know what, a Ferrari is a piece of meaningless nothing that expresses your wealth and your ego. I feel that I've done more here as a human being for other people — I mean, I'm no saint, and I didn't do it to try to be a saint — but just reading what people have sent me, shit was pretty cool!

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Dave Castella
Dave Castella

correction guy not gun . applespellcheck at its worst

Dave Castella
Dave Castella

i hope kevin can find a new location and or investor as he is a gunthat wqs always fair and supported the young musicians and gve kids some good clean fun

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