Everything changed when he met kindred spirit Kizzy Gonzalez at a local club in 2004 and soon asked her to move in with him. Shortly after, he re-read his favorite Dostoyevsky tome and began teaching himself to paint, working from models in Victoria's Secret catalogues and landscapes based on nearby parks.

"Social media is a scary thing, and I'm a half-generation too old to feel comfortable with it."

"From the start I was realistic and always focused on improving. It's very important for young artists to understand what you are bad at and work at it," he says.

Inspired by literature, myth, and cinema, he began creating haunting images of mobs — forlorn characters, often in garish costumes, always painted in vibrantly toxic colors and freighted with darker ­narratives — in weirdly arresting scenes drenched in angst and a distinct existential vibe.

In 2008, Aguilar was invited to his first group show by the Carol Jazzar Gallery. His first solo exhibit took place at Hollywood's Art and Culture Center in 2010 not long after Anthony Spinello signed him to his stable.

Over the past year, Aguilar has traveled a universe away from his self-taught beginnings. Not only did he sell out a series of works titled The Veil to collectors at Volta, but he was also featured in a March New York Times article about how to shop for a masterpiece in the $5,000 range. In early June, a new collection, The Veil Reprised, was snagged by mega-collectors such as New York's Michael and Susan Hort at the Volta edition of Art Basel in Switzerland before the fair even opened. "It was sold out before we arrived," Spinello says.

Farley's next solo exhibition is slated for 2015 at Spinello Projects, and it's anyone's guess where his career will veer before then. But you can count on his inspirations remaining similar.

Even as his popularity grows, Aguilar eschews cell phones and Facebook, and his work returns to scenes where onlookers are confronted by ominous crowds.

"Social media is a scary thing, and I'm a half-generation too old to feel comfortable with it," he observes, sitting across from an oldfangled Snoopy telephone he says only his mother calls on occasion. "I can't imagine reading a book, watching a film, or listening to music and being interrupted."

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