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Agustina Woodgate Makes Beautiful Rugs From Teddy Bears

Back in 2010, Agustina Woodgate began seriously thinking about teddy bears. The Miami conceptual artist came across Pepe, her childhood bear, which she had received at age 1 while living… More >>

Jackass Star Steve-O Falls for the Comedy Circuit

Everyone went to grade school with that one kid that would do anything for a laugh. While most of us weren't perceptive enough nor particularly concerned at that age with… More >>

Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese on Feminism, Protégés, and the Future of the Art Form

Burlesque is hotter than ever, especially among a certain type of vintage-loving hipster in South Florida. So you can thank model, actress, designer, and, most important, burlesque star Dita Von… More >>

Have I Got a Girl for You: A High-End Escort Business Have I Got a Girl for You: A High-End Escort Business

You wouldn't think a gay, Jewish, musical-theater aspirant in recovery would seek employment with high-end hookers. But Josh Mesnik, an out-of-work actor in New York, worked nine months as a… More >>