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A Golden Ticket

Jeffrey Loria knows how to give a gift. The owner of the Florida Marlins may be known as one of the cheapest owners in baseball, but one look at his track record shows that he is not without generosity. Over the years, he has rewarded various Marlins with gold coins, a blessed St. Christopher’s medal, a diamond penchant, a Mercedes, and a gold-plated baseball bat. OK, that last one was made up. It came as no surprise when Loria gave a present to Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay after his perfect game, even though he was on the opposing team. Halladay received the pitching rubber and the last baseball used in the game, but since he wasn’t a Marlin, neither was dipped in gold.

The Texas Rangers visit Sun Life Stadium (2267 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami) Tuesday through Thursday. The team, formerly owned by President George Bush, is in the thick of the AL West Playoff hunt. Between the standings and remembering the Alamo, the Rangers aren’t short on motivation. The Marlins too are in the middle of a pennant chase, grouped with the rest of the NL East. Tickets start as low as $9, but those don’t come in gold either. Sorry, Charlie. Visit, or call 877-Marlins.
Tue., June 15, 2010

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