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A Remake Worth Seeing?

Hollywood is obsessed with film remakes. Greenlighting a re-worked classic is as close as it gets to a sure thing for studio executives. Sadly, these remakes rarely match the originals, almost by default. Like, did anyone really need to see a shot for shot replicate of Psycho?

So what makes Sleuth, a new take on the 1972 classic, any different? For starters, fans of the original film will enjoy seeing Michael Caine return for the new version, but, in a twist, he plays the other male lead: Andrew Wyke. The film’s premise, however, remains intact: Wyke, an aging writer, teams up with his wife’s lover (Jude Law) to plan a faux burglary. But what starts simply turns into a dark cat and mouse thriller, filled with malice, revenge, and murder. Plus, director Kenneth Branagh promises other new wrinkles and turns to surprise fans of Anthony Shaffer’s original, award-winning play-turned-screenplay.

The head games begin when Sleuth screens Wednesday at the Lake Worth Playhouse (713 Lake Ave., Lake Worth). Tickets start at $6. Visit for showtimes.
Wed., Dec. 12, 2007

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