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Art Crawl

Luis Gonzalez Palma is a myth weaver whose sumptuous, gilded photographs echo inexorably across time. The Guatemalan artist creates baroque imagery of mysterious characters in opulent theatrical garb shanghaied from a faraway place and delivered unexpectedly to tenebrous shores. His subjects often appear trapped in small, ornate, antique cases exuding a sense of intimacy while ironically twanging the chords of status anxiety, class, and wealth. “Guarded,” his solo show at 7 p.m. at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery (3550 N. Miami Ave., Miami) examines a decade of this provocative artist’s craft. Call 305-573-2700, or visit

Michael Costello cranks up the tension during Wynwood’s Second Saturday crawl with his psychologically freighted canvases trafficking in perceptions of beauty, sexuality, and maturity among society’s underbelly. At 101/Exhibits (101 NE 40th St., Miami), catch his wicked portrait of a naked, tatted mook cradling a plate of fried eggs in front of a table bristling with paint brushes and stacks of canned spam. Call 305-573-2101, or visit
Sat., April 10, 7 p.m., 2010

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