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Christian Finnegan

When VH1 decided to stop playing Michael Bolton videos due to lack of interest, it needed something to fill the programming gaps. At first, it attempted to remain a music channel with shows like Behind the Music and Pop-up Video, but over the years the station mutated into a domain filled with pop culture shows and something scary called “Celebreality.” I Love the ΄80s might have been a nostalgic guilty pleasure, but soon we were subjected to loving the ΄70s, the ΄90s, and the New Millennium. Michael Ian Black and crew must be extremely tired of talking about Star Wars toys, Right Said Fred, and slap bracelets by now. But it could be much worse. They could be on Best Week Ever, like New York comedian Christian Finnegan. Thinking up funny things to say about a decade is one thing, but devising snarky commentary about Lindsey Lohan on a weekly basis must be hard work.

Thankfully, even Christian will get some time off from his weekly job when he appears this Thursday through Sunday at the Fort Lauderdale Improv (5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood). It might even turn out to be one of your Best Nights Ever. Tickets cost $16. Visit for show times.
July 17-20, 2008

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