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Cinco de Drinko

Like you need any other reason to go out than it being Thursday, but we’ll humor you anyway. Because it’s Cinco de Mayo, you might be craving something that sort of honors that battle in Puebla, Mexico, in which the Mexicans conquered the French, on this day, so many fucking years ago. Or you might want to honor your liver with a workout. You care about the holiday; you don’t really care about the holiday — what to do? Go to Rocco’s Tacos. At any other party, a young, sombreroed man wearing two drink holsters might seem obnoxious. Not here. You’re as happy as the positively stimulating tequila that floats in the holster around his neck. The only thing not having a good time is his camera, which has fallen in that drink, true story: Cinco de Mayo 2010. There might be no special ceremonies here, but a live mariachi band and 225 types of tequila will set a mood.

Choose a location: Rocco’s in Boca Raton (5250 Town Center Circle; 561-416-2131), Rocco’s in West Palm Beach (224 Clematis St.; 561-650-1001), or Rocco’s in Fort Lauderdale (1313 E. Las Olas Blvd.; 954-524-9550). Can’t choose a location? Hit every single one of them by hopping on the Taco & Tequila Express. Before this awesomeness soaks into your brain, absorb that it will cost you 200 bucks — but you are riding on the Taco & Tequila Express! On Cinco de Mayo! There is an open bar on the bus. And at each location, you will get your fill of authentic Mexican fare and a bottle of Rocco’s Tacos Signature Milagro Tequila. And a Rocco’s T-shirt and hat you can wear the next day to show you survived Cinco de Mayo, 2011. Visit

If the Tequila Express feels too extravagant, you can always attend the free “Cinco De Mustache: A Mustachio Bashio” at Original Fat Cat’s (320 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale). Your only requirement — which doesn’t even have to be kept (God bless Fat Cats) — is to grow a ’stache. That’s how you celebrate this Mexican holiday — drink with your mustache. And on May 6, let the hair on your upper lip help you fight the hair of the dog when you start guzzling water. Call 954- 467-5867.
Thu., May 5, 2011

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