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Don’t Just Sit There!

So there’s this Hispanic kid named Rosario who lives in the ghetto. He got his ex-girlfriend pregnant, and yeah, maybe he beats the holy living crap out of her now and then, but he still wants the best for their unborn baby. She, however, has gone off to live with another dude and Rosario is stuck washing windows so that he can support his father and grandfather, whose days generally consist of sitting at home watching porn. Sucks to be him! One day, Rosario meets a wealthy man who intrigues him with tips about how to make money. In return for his advice, this guy wants to… buy Rosario’s socks off of him? Abusers, fetishists, pervs… they’re all here, in the play Barefoot Boy with Shoes On. The weird thing is that by the time the curtains close, you might be on their side. “It’s neither comfortable nor easy to sit through this play,” theater reviewer Martin Denton said. But “what’s best… is its refusal to judge anyone in it.”
Jan. 21-Feb. 5

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