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Down In the Dives

With unclogged toilets and an ornate backlit bar display, the Dive Bar doesn’t live up to its name. The kitschy fishing décor, bargain well drinks, and first-name rapport — on the other hand — very much do. Boasting local live music performances four days a week, the joint has seen its share of well-known bands and some up-and-comers. And this Thursday, the folksy Americana duo 33 Years will take center stage at the bar for the first time. Originally pursuing their music careers solo, the Naples couple has since realized the congruity of Paula’s velvety-smooth voice with Kevin’s effervescent guitar rifts. The result is hypnotic tunes that beg to be danced to and will surely be stuck in your head the rest of the weekend.
Thu., Aug. 29, 6 p.m., 2013

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