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This is the tamest thing in Rebecca's Rubber Room.
This is the tamest thing in Rebecca's Rubber Room.

Everything But Sex

"Heavy petting. Foreplay. Mindfucking." That's what happens at a fetish party, says Glenn, owner of the Fetish Factory boutique. (He goes by just his first name so he can one day return to the healthcare profession.) "Sometimes, to get someone to agree to what you want is more exciting than to actually do it. To lead them down a path, push them into a corner, and toy with them. Like what a cat does to a mouse."

At FF parties, "You can be big or small, rich or poor... There's one common denominator: Are you dressed properly?" In this world, proper dress includes "latex, leather, vinyl, rubber, and PVC." Victorian corsets, anything ultraglam, schoolgirl uniforms, and military officer outfits will also get you past the bouncers -- "but not deer hunter clothes."

For the Fetish Factory's 10-year Anniversary Weekend, "People are coming in from all over the world," Glenn says. Playtime begins on Friday with a "Beat and Greet Fetish Lounge" at Coliseum nightclub (2520 Miami Rd., Fort Lauderdale). Two vinyl junkies named Rubberdoll and Rebecca's Rubber Room will give a fetish performance; Rubberdoll says they warmed up by doing a photo shoot "in my new padded cell and had lots of fun with a black inflatable dildo." Fetish celebrities Emily Marilyn, Rubberella, and Chain Goddess Brandy (a Cirque du Soleil-style aerialist) will also get creative. Admission costs $15.

Saturday's "Extreme Players Party" is "an anything-goes party that is not for the faint of heart" -- but, alas, it's already sold out. Sunday's "Fetish Ball," also at the Coliseum, caps off the weekend. Admission is $30. After a fashion show by Torture Garden (the U.K.'s largest fetish club), most of the stars from Friday will give encore performances. They'll be joined by identical hotties the Porcelain Twinz, plus a handful of DJs including Danny Bled. Glenn says excitedly, "There will be one big, fat smile on everyone's face!" Assuming you can smile with a ball gag in your mouth and a vinyl hood cinched around your head!

For details, call 954-563-5777, or visit

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