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Timb wants to get physical.
Timb wants to get physical.

Genre Jump Around

What do you get when you cross punk, techno, hip-hop, glam rock, pop, dance, disco, and neoclassical piano? Not sure, huh? How about if you added a guitar covered in all manner of bizarre stickers and a guy who wears a dog collar while singing about William Howard Taft? Why, that would be Timb.

With influences ranging from David Bowie to Sir Mix-A-Lot, Timb's catalog of more than 200 songs spans almost every genre of contemporary music, from popular and obscure to the downright absurd. "I try to cover a lot of genres, but I try to do it well, not just for comedic value," Timb explains, adding that he has yet to dabble in world music or polka.

All this is more than evident on Timb's new double CD, Fitness, where you'll hear nearly every sound imaginable -- at some point. Sure, such unyielding eclecticism is liable to trigger "warning" signs for the impatient music fan. But don't fret -- the songs are not thrown together in a hodge-podge of contrived experimentalism. Each style is assigned its own song, and the arrangement is a roller-coaster ride through Timb's vast musical landscape.


Timb at his CD-release party

Dada, 52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach

Sunday, October 26. Show starts at 10 p.m., and Nobody You Know and Chuck open. Admission is free. Call 561-330-3232. For samples of Timb's music (and his always-amusing lyrics), visit

"You're taken from something that sounds like a Jimmy Buffett song to something that sounds like Motörhead," Timb says of his new CD, explaining his aversion to being trapped in any particular style. "A lot of bands are limited by their ideas of what they sound like. Metal bands are afraid to do stuff that's not metal because the metal community would denounce them." And with songs such as the Aerosmith parody "Rattle in the Saddle," the Dead Ken- nedys-inspired "Fitness, Fitness, Rock & Roll," and a cover of "Baby Got Back," Timb should strap on some sensible shoes for all that genre-hopping.

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