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Give Thanks for Food Without a Face

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Turkey-Gate — Sarah Palin’s infamous interview in front of a turkey slaughter days before Thanksgiving. In the background of the video, a turkey fights for its life, the whole machine shaking as the turkey violently tries to wiggle its way out of the contraption that hovers above a tub of blood. All this while Palin chats away seemingly unfazed, and, in a hilariously ironic turn, calls the day “fun.”

While the day might have been fun for Palin, the turkey probably felt differently. The same goes for vegans on Thanksgiving. A 2006 Mother Goose and Grimm comic strip, titled “The 40-year-old Vegan,” depicted veggies’ frustration perfectly when it showed a woman telling her mother, “For the millionth time, mother, I only eat tofurkey.” But it’s possible to have a stress-free and cruelty-free holiday this year, thanks to Sublime. From 4 to 6 p.m., the swanky vegan paradise will offer a four-course meal beginning with roasted acorn squash bisque and a Waldorf salad with apples, celery, raisins, and walnuts. Diners can choose from two entrée options: Gardein “turkey” (which comes with fresh string beans, crispy onions, cornbread stuffing, herb gravy, and cranberry sauce) or Wild Mushroom Stroganoff (which comes with vegan sour cream, gluten-free noodles, and a side of fresh string beans and crispy onions). If you’ve ever eaten at Sublime, you know it has one of most mouth-watering desert menus around. Thursday’s dinner will conclude with a delicious pumpkin “cheesecake” with almond nut crust. The meal costs $45 per person ($25 for those under 12 years of age). Sublime is located at 1431 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-615-1431, or visit
Thu., Nov. 26, 4 p.m., 2009

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