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Here, There, and Nowhere

Scranton, Pa., certain parts of Davie, and basically any red state from the last election could fit the description “The Middle of Nowhere.” But for artist Raul Mendez, the concept of absolute remoteness is more complicated — and certainly more philosophical — than most ever consider. His new exhibit at the Hollywood Art and Culture Center explores a sort of tentative hypothesis of whether or not you could find this geographical anomaly, or if simply discovering it would then render it moot.

“The Middle of Nowhere” takes museumgoers from mass population, through crowds, past common places, and on through to the vast, mighty unknown — all with the highly tuned snap of Mr. Mendez’ camera. See what epiphanies you conjure today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the opening day of this photographic pilgrimage. Of course, you’ll have to return on Friday, December 12 for the formal opening reception, so that you can share your ideas with Mr. Mendez. The exhibit runs through January 4. Visit
Dec. 1-Jan. 4, 2008

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