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Imagination Land

You spend a lot of time drinking sherry, smoking a pipe, and ordering every foreign film ever reissued by the Criterion Collection — La Jetee, Jules & Jim, The Naked Kiss, Yojimbo. During all that down time you dream up strangest adventure that will carry you away from South Florida and into the arms of Elsa, a beautiful French-Moroccan girl who recites entire chapters of Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past” from memory while practicing forbidden forms of karate. If only you knew that tonight, in the middle of this swampy outpost half-consumed by the Atlantic Ocean, a free live radio show was being recorded in an independent record store not 30 minutes from your safe, comfortable den. Pure fiction, you say? Nay, sir - Pure Imagination.

Conjured from the mind of former UM DJ Matt Gajewski, Pure Imagination Live combines literary swarthiness with musical noir in a conversation cocktail that will make you forget all about your crush on Ira Glass. Just pack into your 1990 Volvo 240s and drive to 5505 NE 2nd Ave. in Miami. More info on the show can be found at, or at
Sat., April 4, 2009

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